Top 10 Tech blogs of 2024 for Tech Inspiration

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Are you a technology freak? Do you want to know more about what is happening in the tech world?

One must be aware of the rise of technology and what it is up to our society and businesses.

If you are confused about the website or blogs that you should trust to have the knowledge about a certain thing, then I am here with a list of best tech blogs to follow as far as any tech news or gadget reviews are concerned.

The best 10 Tech blogs in the world in 2024

1. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine

If you’re a web designer, web developer, or just a technology geek, You are definitely now away from the smashing magazine. I treat it as a place where I can be seen reading some technical articles.

Their articles mostly cover topics like:

  • Web Design Tutorials (UX, UI and color schemes or HTML)
  • WordPress Themes coding or plugin tweaks (PHP)
  • Advanced design tutorials (CSS and JS)

More than anything SmashingMagazine is the place where I visit every time I am looking for creative ideas or inspiration in website design or development.

2. Techcrunch


If not just about the advanced information about the technology world, you can also go for the startups only in the blogs by TechCrunch. Apart from the latest gadgets around the world or new technology launched, it also discusses the start-up companies, investors, and people involved with the tech industry.

Techcrunch covers stories, news, and journalism from the planet of technology. The Crunchbase is a sister website by the founders of TechCrunch for startups to get listed, and investors to seek the right startups to invest in.

3. Spider’s web

spidersweb pl

The website with blogs written by geeks, spider’s web is the thing that talks about the world of design and technology go hand-in-hand. It works with the motive to create an opinion about the prevailing technology and how that technology developed through its stats.

4. Wired


Want to know what impact we are having in our lives because of technological changes? Wired on the website where you can expand your knowledge about how human life is changed because of tech advancements. The website publishes blogs that are loved by people the most. Know about your culture, science, and business when it comes to technology.

5. Gadgets.ndtv

Gadgets ndtv

Want to know about the new phone, news gadgets or any latest technology, NDTV good times is the trustable website for the latest tech news and gadget reviews. The blogs on the website will provide you the full knowledge about any product that you use in your day-to-day life.

6. Futurism


As the name suggests, the website is so concerned about future development and how the tech can and how changing the world. You can get the daily dose of how tech word is affecting the world shaping the humanity and social world.

7. The Verge

the verge

With the precise description of the product and tech world, the website is there to help people to develop their standards of living. Apart from it, the effects of technology on our society are also something discussed in the blogs by the website with distinctive and descriptive knowledge about the technology.

8. Techradar

techradar india

When it comes to the website that would help you the most to choose the best one for you, TechRadar is the website that offers you reviews with full research of the gadget. Apart from it, the readers can also come across the rating of the gadgets in the tech world. From gadgets and vehicles to applications, the website is there to help you at every point of life.

9. Tech2

tech2 first post

With the perfect presentation of videos, images, and podcasts of the latest technology, tech2 is there to enlighten the tech world with the perfect review of tablets, mobile phones, laptops, games, and much more. Click the option of “how to tab” and know about various incredible things. is now and it is still an awesome place for anyone to read about technology trends and facts.

10. Gizmodo


Enjoy the temptation of knowing about the new gadgets as the website gives relatable reviews about the gadgets and other technological news. From the latest news about Windows, iOS, and android to the latest gadgets that you need in your day-to-day life. To help you choose the best product for you, the website expands the tech world immensely.

Wrapping up

With such a variety of websites and blogs to be followed, one would be able to have ample knowledge of the tech world especially when it comes to the situation when you need to have a review of certain applications and gadgets. You can also find interesting facts about random things on a website called Random facts. I use the site to check new things and gain knowledge from this site every day.

These trustable and genuine websites will let you have the tech world in front of your eyes. So, enjoy blogging and know the world better.