SEMrush vs UberSuggest: Which One Is The Best?

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SEMrush vs UberSuggest

There are many tools out there to help you out with your SEO performance. But some are good and best for experts and some are good for amateurs. Here are the two of the most amazing ones, SEMrush and UberSuggest.

Here you will find more than just their features. Besides, from support, popularity, authentic review by the real users. You will find everything you need to know.

So, here is a detailed comparison of these two. Let’s see which one is the best. SEMrush vs UberSuggest, let’s compare.

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SEMrush vs UberSuggest


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SEMrush vs UberSuggest

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SEMrush vs UberSuggest

Features of SEMrush

Gives you helpful analytic reports from across the world

SEMrush collects tonnes of data from its resources and this data represents the market and industry trends. How they are useful? You can use them to produce the best content in comparison to your ideals and competitors.

Best tool for keyword research

The data that SEMrush offers has around 10 billion keywords from over 143 country databases. DO you want more to find your perfect keywords and produce quality content? I don’t think so.

An extensive source for website backlinks

You can find any backlinks domain profile and see how much are you getting in order to grow faster without compromising quality. The team collects backlinks on daily basis and updates them every 2 weeks. Isn’t that amazing?

A group of 30 different tools

SEMrush has over 30 different tools that are divided into 5 groups for your convenience and preferred toolkit. Competitive analysis, research, improvement of website, and much more. It has it all for you.

Painless and effortless analytics

Analysis with SEMrush becomes super easy because it offers you 2 ways to do that. This is through project and analytics reports. Both the ways are effortless and offer you smooth overall SEO analysis.

Features of UberSuggest

Easy tracking of top SEO and top traffic pages

You can easily see all the pages that are ranking higher on your website. These are based on origin, content, and even the demographic age. Besides, everything you see is sown in charts and graphs which makes it easier to understand in a go.

Get excellent content ideas

Ubersuggest not only helps you with your existing content but also helps you find good future content. It suggests you some awesome and keeping-up-with-the-brand topics that you can choose to write on.

Shows you all the data

By data, what I mean is this tool helps you understand how well your website content is performing. The most important part of it is backlinking that it shows in a very easy-to-understand way.

Helps you find keywords

When you start using UberSuggest, you will see its way of showing you the keywords as per your website requirements. This is what makes it a good piece. From keyword density to difficulty level, it shows data of all the suggestions.

An overall SEO explorer

UberSuggest is quite a user-friendly tool that allows you to analyze all the SEO of your website. You can data each data in-depth and also go for its suggestions if you like. What else? It helps you check your overall SEO score as well.

More about SEMrush

Semrush vs ubersuggest

SEMrush has been around for over a decade and since then, it has changed the lives of the people, How? With its awesome features and ability to provide an excellent online visibility management system. Be it social media, advertisement, or content marketing, this Saas tool has offered the best of services to millions of users out there.

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More about UberSuggest

semrush vs ubersuggestUberSuggest has been around for quite a few years now and since then, it has been rocking the world of SEO. However, if you are an SEO expert, this thing might seem too easy for you. It somehow gives you access to its library of 6 billion keywords, 1 billion content ideas, and 2 trillion links. The thing just doesn’t end here. So, if you want to see this yourself, try out its 7-day trial and see how it works for you.

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SEMrush's Pricing

SEMrush vs UberSuggestHere is the part where the money comes in. SEMrush might seem a little expensive but every penny is worth the services, So, here are its plans.

  • Pro Subscription- $99 per month
  • Guru Subscription- $191 per month
  • Business Subscription- $374 per month

PS- these prices are for those who are willing to pay the money annually. If you are looking for monthly rates, the prices may differ.

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UberSuggest's Pricing

SEMrush vs UberSuggestAs compared to SEMrush, the prices of UberSuggest are very low. It is pretty good for a beginner who doesn’t want to lose his purse strings even a bit. Especially if you are an amateur with 1-3 websites. So, here are the plans.

  • Individual: $12 per month
  • Business: $20 per month
  • Enterprise/agency: $40 per month

PS- if you want to get rid of these monthly payment types, you can choose to pay a one-time payment that makes it accessible for a lifetime.

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SEMrush's Support

Here comes the part that everybody whats for. The user support. As here we are talking about SEMrush which is great when it comes to its sources of helping people out with SEO. They have an immense variety of content to teach you such as eBooks, videos, podcasts, and manuals.  If you wanna go for its deep knowledge, you can always join the academy it offers or attend webinars. They always serve you with the best.

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UberSuggest's Support

UberSuggest is quite popular for its customer support services. What people love to use the most is its email support that comes with a  quick response. You will be amazed to see how many videos and tutorials it has to teach you how to make the best out of this tool. Neil Patel himself teaches you various courses for the best direction. Undoubtedly, the team behind UberSuggest is remarkable.

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SEMrush and UberSuggest, are awesome, both have huge differences in prices, and many MANY features. One thing is for sure, your best SEO performance. So, all you need to know is know your requirements and budget and see which one suits you the best.

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