SOAX Review: Best Residential & Mobile Proxy Provider

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Are you tired of waiting to access your favorite sites to do some shopping, or just for some social media activity? We are, too. Presenting to you SOAX review: the best, and quite possibly the most featured online platform that allows you to buy proxies to access your sites without any problem and I have to say, it’s very easy.

The prices are cheap, the system is secure and well-protected, and the features are over the roof. With customer service as prompt and fast as this one, there is no other proxy server that you would rather use. 

The features are all very detailed and they provide a very good and fast environment for you to work. With a very different approach, they even have a one-day policy.

They reach the most strict and aggressive sites to make the entire process (of hunting down a site and waiting for a long time for it to load and all the other processes that follow) much easier for you. The customer is king and that motto is strictly followed here. 

So, let us dive into the SOAX review with detailed features, pros & cons, and pricing. Read it till the end and you will be able to figure its importance.

SOAX Review: Introduction

It is a backconnect proxy provider that has multiple IPs to access any proxy pool. The residential IPs are from real devices that maybe mobile phones or desktops. It may vary.

Their pool is extremely exclusive, which means you have access to exclusive data, which is always a plus.

There are others called SOAX proxies which have proxies in most countries of the world and they support a very good number of targeting features that you have to love.

They are also extremely secure and easy to use which makes it a lot more interactive and safe. Their flexible payment options make it accessible to all.

What’s more, they even have access to very detailed and strict servers that otherwise no one has access to.

SOAX Review: Features

soax features

This is the most important section of SOAX review so, don’t miss out on any feature that might be of your interest.

  • Exclusive Pool for proxy and good location cover

They provide an entire combination of mobile and residential proxy pools that the users have access to. They also have about 8.5 million proxy pools that they can use which provides a flexible and smooth-sailing client experience. 

Their prices are competitive, but their options still include a wide range. You can choose between different pricing plans and customize your plan to suit particular requirements.

You can also choose between residential and mobile pricing plans as per you needs. They even have the option of buying a proxy server for only a day.

This is quite a distinctive feature that SOAX withholds, and few know about it. But this is very unique and we’re very excited about it. 

  • Targeting Features

They can use these target sites to target particular countries or service providers according to their location and make it available to all users. This is completely independent of the package the client uses. 

  • Flexible Packages

They don’t provide a wide variety of proxy types in the fear of confusing clients and this is a higher decision that most companies are not able to understand. It gives the residential and mobiles proxies all mixed in a pool. 

The user has the liberty of choosing a particular type of proxy depending on the various features that they can further choose from. The country, the type, the number of proxies and the duration of each proxy are the requirements.

There is also an in-built calculator that helps the user in deciding the cost of each proxy as and when they use it. They also give you daily, monthly and weekly packages for the  users if they want a proxy on the basis of that. 

  • Free Trial

They also have the option of giving a free trial to users just in case they are not satisfied with the performance of the SOAX proxy. These free trials often last an hour and that is usually more than enough for testing purposes.

  • Excellent Scraping Performance

Proxies are usually always used for scraping data. There are also internet marketers who choose the way of proxy to monitor price rates and to monitor SEO, for the verification of advert, for carrying out travel aggregation and for automation purposes.

SOAX proxies give the best performances when it is a concurrent connection and have worked to bring to the users access to even the stricter and more aggressive sites so that they are able to have the best experience at SOAX. 

  • Responsive Technical Support

It is not uncommon for users to face issues while using proxy sites but SOAX strives to ensure that all its users have a very good experience when it comes to their sites.

They carry out all their work in a hassle free and easy manner.  The team that works techniques are calm, experienced workers who ensure to provide a solution to any issue that their client might face regarding the usage of these sites.

The customer service cell functions 24 hours a day and they will respond just moments after you reach out to them.

The FAQ section is accessible to anybody is seen on their website and I have to say it has some pretty good information on there that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

  • Zero IP Block

We proudly confirm that the proxies for SOAX come without any IP block. This is a factor that we take immense pride in. This is applicable to all the IPs varying from residential, mobile and even data center proxies. 

  • Highly reliable proxy exchange platform

We can assure you that all the IP addresses that are provided by SOAX are legit and it has no false writing around through other details. This is also the reason why they are able to produce instant information and legitimate responses. Whitelisted IPs are also real and they are provided by real services that work all across the world. 

  • Strongly authentication

All the proxies that are provided by SOAX require authentication and there are only two ways in which one can authenticate the users of SOAX. One of which is through the IP whitelist and the other one is through the typical method of using a username and password and logging in.

  • Acceptable proxy connection and response speed

Unlike other proxy servers, SOAX does not take much time to provide information and get back to the client. The speed for each reply is decent and much above average.

  • User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard that is provided makes a very easy Geo-target. It has been claimed to have one of the best dashboards ever made compared to other service providers

  • Usability

A simple dashboard makes the process of making changes much easier than you think. Since we’re dealing with proxies here, it isn’t too difficult to set them up as all the information that you need is basically spoon-fed to you. It only takes a couple minutes to set up.

SOAX Pros & Cons

soax review-pros & cons


  • Excellent Location Coverage

They have the best providers and the best location coverage. They have residential IPs in most countries across the world. Their map provides an insight into the number of countries that they can cover. 

  • Large Proxy Network

They have a very huge proxy pool that has over 8 million residential IPs that can be accessed from all over the world. This makes their choices far more varied and diverse.

  • Good Scraping Performance

Web Scraping and Crawling are one of the most important and popular proxy servers. This is why they always consider Web Scraping to get an encompassing review of everything. 

  • Response Time

There was also a response test done by sending in requests  to websites to consider the speed of the response. The result was not super fast but good enough for the residential speed. 

  • Proxy Connection Speed

The speedtest tool was used to check the proxy connection speed and it proved to be average with data and statistics. The speed of this server is pretty good as compared to the rest, therefore narrowing down your options to this particular proxy server. 

  • Easy To Use

Their dashboards are one amongst the best and they are not difficult to use as well! It is so much easier than using the normal dashboards that are not as technologically advanced as these. These are also very beautiful in appearance and they cannot be mistaken for any other.

  • Flexible Payment Options

The payment option is very flexible. They have the option of paying on the same day and getting a proxy server and even for a daily, weekly and monthly basis! It is just as special. Such flexibility makes it easier for clients to use their proxy servers.


  • Expensive Pricing

They do have flexible payment options, not going to lie but they are a little more high priced than they should be. Apart from the user-friendly payment options, their prices are expensive for a layman. This is usually acknowledged and mentioned by all, but there’s no doubt that the features make up for what may look like a steep price.

  • Customer Support Delays

Sometimes, they do have hiccups when getting back with customer service, although not always, their system isn’t flawed, it just faces delays occasionally. This is always looked into by the public relation team that works tirelessly towards the betterment of the user experience.

  • Your connection is secured but you’re being monitored

Although it doesn’t pose much of an issue, you are constantly being monitored. Their KYC (Know Your Customer) system constantly checks up on you and keeps an identity tab on you. 

Soax Alternatives


This also has the largest IP pool. It has many unbeatable features that you would just die to get your hands on. It is one of the lead marketers in the industry and they will be able to guide you through any of the important sites with a proxy access.

  • Storm Proxies

This is the best server if you are on a budget! Although it has a small pool, it will be able to access unlimited bandwidth, therefore buying you access into the most strict and difficult servers to access.

  • Smart proxy

This system also helps getting you into difficult servers, which makes it a very good alternative for SOAX. Although maybe it doesn’t help as much, it is definitely a very good option. 

Soax Plans & Pricing

Mobile Proxies

Starter pack

$175 per month

  • 5GB
  • $35/GB
  • 300 ports

Regular Mobile

$600 per month

  • 20 GB
  • $30/GB
  • $600 ports

Business Mobile

$2500 per month

  • 100 GB
  • $25/GB
  • 1000 ports

Enterprise WiFi

Starting from $4000 per month

Get SOAX Mobile Proxies

Residential Proxies

Starter WiFi

$150 per month

  • 10 GB
  • $15/GB
  • 300 ports

Regular WiFi

$700 per month

  • 100 GB
  • $7/GB
  • 600 ports

Business WiFi

$2500 per month

  • 500 GB
  • $5/GB
  • 1000 ports

Enterprise WiFi

Starting from $4000 per month

Get SOAX Residential Proxies

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The proxy server provided here is very interesting and undeniably flexible. It gives you access into the most strict and closed out websites there are. This has to be one of their key features.

You can access anything, anywhere. With the use of their 8 million proxy pool, nothing stands in their way and I’m sure nothing can as well. Although their prices are a little high, the features make up for it. 

This is one of the main reasons why the SOAX proxy servers are considered to be reading the minds of their clients and giving them the best experiences when it comes to situations such as these.

Their 24-hour customer support service is quite remarkable and they are always willing to help you through any of the problems you might face. This is not much of an issue when you look at other facilities that the SOAX proxy provides.

Personally, I have been able to access many of the pages through such a source. This is an asset to me and I know it can be to you too. You can even customize your own package which makes it so much more fun than it already is. 

I hope SOAX review was helpful to decide whether you should buy any of its plan or not.

Get SOAX Residential Proxies Now