uMobix Affiliate Program Review- Best Tool to Promote in 2024

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Is your loved one always concealing their phone in front of you and never handing it over to you or another family member? If it concerns you, take a deep breath! You’ve come to the correct place. As the guardian of an adolescent, I have experienced all of this many times.

Technological advances have made it feasible to monitor the actions of your loved ones’ smartphones, whether they are Android or iOS. These are referred to as espionage and monitoring applications.

I have tested a variety of surveillance tools and have just discovered uMobix, a relatively new espionage program. Having said that, it has a plethora of features that you may be searching for.

I tried uMobix for two weeks and am just now putting up a comprehensive review in which I provide an extensive list of its features and my experiences with them to help you make an educated choice. Thus, without further ado, let us begin the review! 

uMobiox Review

What is uMobix?

uMobix is a top-selling espionage app. In comparison, it is the most recent spy app with cutting-edge mobile tracking and monitoring capabilities. You may use the uMobix application as a mobile tracker or to monitor your children. 

The software is intended for parents interested in their teen’s digital well-being. The uMobix enables real-time monitoring of iOS and Android devices. This implies that you can monitor everything your kid does on his or her smartphone or tablet.

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How uMobix Works?

The uMobix software is simple to use and does not need any complex hacking efforts. On the target device, the uMobix app must be installed. However, it requires a single instance of physical access. Not to worry; installing and configuring uMobix on a target device takes just 5 to 10 minutes.

You may get the app from the uMobix website. First, you must buy an app license and install it on the phone/tablet you want to monitor. Once uMobix is running, it captures everything on the target device. The end-user may monitor the recorded information remotely through the uMobix web control panel.

If you’re curious about how the uMobix dashboard works, you can get a live demo through the company’s official website. 

What Features Does uMobix Offer?

uMobiox Review

Spyware applications may assist you in monitoring your children when you are not there. However, if you spend money on fraudulent spy applications, you will just experience regret. Scam surveillance software is capable of blackmailing you and extorting money in exchange for ransomware.

No one wants their personal information to fall into the wrong hands. If you’re searching for a monitoring app for children, be sure it has useful functions and is entirely safe. 

Here, I’ll go through the uMobix feature set in detail. Continue reading to learn more about uMobix’s features and applications.

  • Browsing History Monitoring:

Parents who have doubts about their children viewing porn should begin monitoring their children’s online use. Monitoring browsing history also aids parents in instilling internet etiquette in teenagers and tweens.

  • Monitoring of Photo/Video Galleries:

Using multimedia monitoring, you may see stored pictures and videos from the target device’s media gallery. You may view recorded movies, taken images, and other multimedia assets directly from the gallery.

  • GPS Tracking:

Children spend their spare time wandering around parks or playgrounds, even after school. Parents must monitor their children’s location to protect them against kidnappers. GPS location monitoring is an easy method to remotely monitor children’s whereabouts. The GPS tracking function of uMobix is currently only accessible for Android smartphones.

  • Monitoring Social Media Apps:

There are millions of accounts on social media platforms. Everyone, from adolescents to adults, is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. You may monitor your children’s social media applications to determine their online friend network.

  • Tracking Text Messages:

Monitoring SMS and text messages may tell a great deal about a person. Parents may utilize this tool to determine if their teenagers are sexting with others. Additionally, reading text conversations enables you to discover hidden text abbreviations used by your children and classmates.

  • Monitoring of Call History:

Monitor call history and learn the callers’ contact information. View timestamps, dates, and duration of calls without informing the target phone/tablet user.

  • Additional features include the following:

Other uMobix capabilities include keylogging, contact book monitoring, tracking messaging applications, notification alerts, and device information. Whether it’s an online activity or offline mobile media, the uMobix app lets you keep track of it all.

If You Download uMobix Will the Child Know? 

uMobiox Review

How simple is it to determine whether your phone has uMobix? If in doubt, download a one-month subscription to uMobix on your mobile device and install it. Now, give over your phone to a friend or family and ask them to note the installed apps.

You may be certain that they will be unable to locate the uMobix application if you conceal it in the settings. As a result, you can be certain that your kid will never discover UMobix on his or her smartphone, even if you have informed him or her that you are watching the device as a parent.

UMobix’s icon is shown by default in the list of installed apps. This, however, may be disabled through the “options” section. 

What Can I Expect with uMobix?

This uMobix iPhone review and the Android version would be incomplete without discussing the app’s capabilities.

Once installed, it enables the following – 

Bookmarks and history of the browser:

Keep a watch on your family and friends and observe what websites they frequent. Additionally, you may use the program to see the stored bookmarks from the device’s web browser.

GPS coordinates:

View your child’s location history, including timestamps and the route he or she took to get there. Additionally, you may see geographical coordinates with addresses.

View the specifics of your messaging:

uMobix allows you to see received, sent, and deleted messages, including the sender and recipient’s names, conversation history, actual text contents, and the number of messages in each chat.

It’s never been easier to see call logs:

Examine the logs chronologically to determine phone numbers, contact names, timestamps, call duration, etc. Additionally, you may see comprehensive information about the call kinds, such as missed calls, rejected calls, incoming and outgoing calls, etc. 

View the target device’s contact list:

The data contain phone numbers, email addresses, names, and popular contacts.

uMobix and its Affiliate Program

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A phone number does not entitle you to access your personal information. No technological advancement can provide access to a phone if you just know its cell phone number. If You see an advertisement for such a service, you can be certain it is a scam.

By default, Android Devices update data every five minutes. You can customize intervals based on your cell phone’s configuration and internet connection. In the case of iOS, the data synchronization is completely dependent on backup performance (In Some Cases Can Take Up To 24 Hours).

With the uMobix affiliate program, you get 10 % of your referrals. The tracking application monitors and collects data from target devices using the stealth mode.

All data Is sent to your own userspace, displayed in detailed dashboards. To use a mobile tracker, you must purchase the app, log into your account, install uMobix on the Android device, or give the target iOS Device’s iCloud credentials. 

The tracking application records every action taken by users and sends reports directly to your user account. Synchronizing all data from a monitored device typically takes up to 5 Minutes. In the case of IOS, data synchronization is contingent upon the backup system’s performance (In Some Cases Can Take Up To 24 Hours).

They have 3 affiliate plans –

  •   Plan 1: Up to 99 sales per month
  •   Plan 2: 99+ sales per month
  •   Plan 3: 199+ sales per month

Why Choose Umobix Affiliate Program?

  • Earn lifetime 10 % of your referrals
  • Earn up to 65 % of the first sale and 45 % of rebills
  • $ 82 average check
  • 120 days of cookie tracking

 Various payment methods and cycles are accepted. 

Customer Support

uMobiox Review

After spending so much time evaluating spy applications, I’m seldom pleased with the majority of these businesses’ “tech support” staff. I was very surprised by how fast I was able to contact someone at uMobix. And they were not just quick but also very knowledgeable. The representative I talked with was much more knowledgeable about phone operating systems than I ever wanted to be. 

They invest significant effort and money in staying AHEAD of the developments by different manufacturers.

This is one of the primary reasons they did not release an iPhone jailbreak version of the program. They were aware in advance that Apple would remove that function.

What is a categorical no-no in the uMobix affiliate program?

  • Do not exaggerate and do not assert that uMobix is capable of insane things, such as monitoring a phone by its phone number.
  • Is utilizing TM-protected SEM bidding keywords such as umobix, u mob ix, and umob prohibited? Negative matching of these keywords is required in your sponsored search ads. Type of match – wide or similar.
  • Avoid domain names that include TM-protected terms.
  • It is prohibited to publish any information about the services that do not match genuine facts and may jeopardize uMobix’s reputation or result in customer complaints. For instance, ‘Limited-time Offer!’, ‘Offer Expires Today!’, ‘Free Service!’, ’10-Day Return Policy – no questions asked!’ and so on.
  • There are no automated connections. You agree not to use any link that is or may be automatically started without the user clicking on it.
  • There will be no drive-by downloads, spam pop-ups, pop-unders, or compromised URLs, or redirection.
  • No traffic is rewarded or cashback. 

uMobiox Review


For Android Phones or Tablets – 

  • Full 1 month: $ 59.99 per month
  • Basic 1 month: $ 29.99 per month
  • Full 3 months: $ 33.33 per month
  • Full 12 months: $ 14.99 per month

 For iOS operating phones and tablets – 

  • Full 1 month: $ 49.99 per month
  • Basic 1 month: $ 29.99 per month
  • Full 3 months: $ 26.66 per month
  • Full 12 months: $ 12.49 per month


  • Stealth spying without your child ever suspecting
  • Detailed summary reports on location, calls, and texts
  • Can snoop on every social and messaging app
  • Out-and-out monitoring with timely logs


  •   Quite expensive for the majority
  •   One subscription is limited to only one device


Through this uMobix Review, we know that this affiliate program is incredible. It is a must-have affiliate program for all affiliate marketers in this field. If you do a little bit of research you will see that there are not many genuine options for spyware software across the web.

There may be a lot of options but most of them are fake and must be avoided at all costs. uMobix is one of the best platforms available in the spyware sector whose affiliate program can really help you earn a decent amount of money and also increase the reputation of your website. 

FAQs of uMobix Review

Which payment options do you use?

Affiliate commissions are paid using one of the following ways, as determined by the affiliate: Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.

Payments at uMobix are made regularly?

You have the option of receiving payments monthly or you can discuss individual conditions with your personal Affiliate Manager. If you select Wire Transfer as your payment method, you will receive payments every month.

What are the usual conditions of payment?

Affiliates new to the program are eligible for rewards after generating their first five sales. Each payment is subject to a hold period of two weeks. A minimum payment of $ 100 is required.

What method is used to provide bonuses at uMobix?

Their Bonus program offers the following unique incentives: Startup Bonus: You will earn a commission depending on the conversions you generate once you begin advertising their offerings. The countdown begins when they get your initial conversions. Referral Bonus: in addition to the standard 10 % commission on the profits of affiliates you recommend to their affiliate program, you will get an additional $ 200 bonus when your referral earns their first $ 1000 in payments.

How does uMobix do commission rate reviews?

Monthly commission rates are evaluated following their Commission Ladder. They will apply and inform you when your monthly performance qualifies for a commission increase. Commission boosts are given for three months and are automatically renewed if your results match the tier’s criteria.

How does the uMobix affiliate program function?

The procedure may be divided into two stages. To begin, you introduce a prospective client to their product, and the consumer must click your Tracking Link to continue. The second half begins after the click – they monitor the prospective client’s actions and compensate you when the required action (sell, lead submission, etc.) is completed.

How does the uMobix affiliate program work?

The uMobix affiliate program is a performance-based marketing solution that compensates members for successful result-driven promotional activities such as sales and lead generation.