Vimmy Review & Ratings – Ad Network is Paying or Scam?

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Vimmy is a recently established Push notification advertising platform, and as a result, only a few people know it. However, we have attempted to provide you with all the essential information regarding this high-revenue-generating platform via this post. We will take you through every piece of valuable information you should know about this business. Like how it works, what features it has, its advantages and disadvantages, how to start monetizing your traffic, get paid, and much more.

Vimmy Review

What is Vimmy?

Vimmy is a recently formed business based in the Netherlands. It was founded by two young entrepreneurs. Even though it is a newcomer to the world of digital advertising and marketing, it comprises a group of highly qualified experts with a combined experience of almost eight years in the area. These companies are well known for their high-quality push notifications, which marketers use to send their product messaging straight to the devices of their target customers, regardless of where they are located.

Vimmy Network Details

Ad Network: Vimmy
Advertising formats: Push, In-page Push, Calendar Push on iOS
Cost: CPC
Minimum Topup: $50
Available Payment Methods: Credit Card, WebMoney, Bank Wire, Paxum
Top Verticals: Software, Dating, Pin Submits, Sweepstakes
Daily Impressions: 500 million
Referral Commission: 3%
Joining Link (aff): Join Now

Targeting & Optimization

  • Self-serve Platform
  • GEO Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • OS Targeting
  • ISP/Carrier Targeting
  • Broswer Targeting
  • IP Targeting
  • Website Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Time Targeting
  • Category Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Black/White List
  • Frequency Capping
  • Token
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Adult Ads
  • Gambling Ads
  • Personal Account Manager

They already have more than 250 million members, and their subscriber base is increasing regularly as more people discover them. In such a short time, this business has achieved incredible strides in digital marketing, demonstrating that it is poised to outperform its rivals in the following years.

Vimmy operates a secure and anti-fraud system that exclusively collaborates with genuine traffic providers all around the globe, according to the company. They offer clients time-tested technological solutions that allow them to create effective and highly lucrative campaigns. Advertisers, affiliates, and advertising agencies will find this platform an excellent option.

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Ad Formats at Vimmy

Ad Formats

A list of the advertising formats that are supported by Vimmy is shown below –

In-Page Push:

In-page push advertisements are a new kind that seems similar to a push notification but are not. These banner advertisements appear on the publisher’s website, and the user is not required to accept in-page push advertisements. Additionally, they are viewable on all Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


Push advertisements are among the most popular ad types since they provide a high return on investment for advertisers and ad providers. It is a native advertising format exclusively offered to audiences that consent to receive ads on their mobile or desktop devices. They have a better conversion rate since individuals have previously shown their interest and have permitted the advertisements to be directed to them. Vimmy Push notification advertisements enable you to deliver them to the appropriate audiences most intelligently and engagingly possible.

Calendar Push for iOS:

The best of these is Calendar Push for iOS. Calendar push advertisements are a new and creative ad type that helps publishers increase their ad income by displaying advertising on a calendar. This ad type enables you to target devices via the native calendar applications already installed on their mobile devices, and it works incredibly well with iOS devices in particular. This advertisement may only be shown if the user has agreed to receive calendar subscription reminders.

These advertisements are essential reminders that appear on each individual calendar application. These advertisements usually contain a title, a URL to a landing page, and some kind of written content. The context should be very compelling because they do not have any mental picture of it. One of the primary reasons for the increased conversion rate is that people have greater confidence in this ad format since it comes straight from an app they use and engage with regularly. Both iOS and Mac devices may be used to see the Vimmy calendar push advertisements, which are very lucrative ad types in their own right.

It is simple for publishers at Vimmy to integrate the Push Calendar advertising into their existing platforms. They have created customized multi-tags that publishers can simply upload to the platform’s backend to be used. Smart tags will decide when to initiate a calendar push subscription request once the user has undertaken this.

As a result of their high conversion rates, push calendar advertisements are one of the most expensive CPC suppliers available. This is because iOS users are more likely to engage with ads and take action. It is straightforward compared to traditional push advertisements since the subscription rates on iOS devices are much lower than those on Android smartphones.

Vimmy’s  Unique Selling Proposition

They distinguish themselves from their rivals in many ways. Among the features I like about them are their calendar push for iOS, various payout choices, and weekly payments. They offer publishers the most excellent repayment rates. Additionally, they may assist you in obtaining 85 percent of your revenue. Additionally, they have an optimum amount of team members who can help you with whatever you need. Additionally, they provide advantageous payment terms.

Vimmy for Publishers

Vimmy for Publishers

Account Dashboard

The platform has a straightforward and user-friendly design packed with powerful capabilities. It centralizes all pertinent data and other useful information for the benefit of customers.

This is something I adored. The most remarkable feature of Vimmy’s dashboard is its simplicity of usage. Without previous technological expertise, anybody may simply operate on their dashboard. Their dashboard is very straightforward and uncomplicated. You will not need the services of a personal manager at all.

Payment Plan

One of the things I liked most about Vimmy is that they pay weekly. This is something that not all of its rivals provide. It is something vital to certain individuals that is often overlooked; Vimmy did not.


They provide extensive customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may contact them at any time with complaints or questions about campaigns. The personnel at Vimmy’s will respond quickly to resolve your issues. Interestingly, when you join Vimmy, you will be assigned a specialist team manager who will help you create various ways to successfully operate your campaigns. Additionally, they will help you optimize your advertising campaigns and suggest increasing traffic to your website through push notification advertisements.

I called their support staff to inquire about paying through PayPal. I got a prompt and kind answer. They kindly responded that, although they do not now take PayPal payments, they want to do so this year.

Significant Features of the Vimmy Publisher Platform

Vimmy publisher

24/7 Customer Support: 

The Vimmy Push Ad Network is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if they encounter any difficulties. Additionally, they are on the lookout for advertisers who are having problems setting up their URLs or campaigns. This is beneficial since it eliminates the need to remain stressed if they cannot complete a job.

Referral Program: 

The Referral Program is an additional revenue stream for marketers, with each ‘Vimmy Partner’ receiving a 3 percent fee for every new customer who signs up using their unique referral link. One may advertise the platform in various ways, such as posting referral links on social media or with personal acquaintances.

Conversion Tracking: 

The conversion rate of a marketing campaign Configures the S2S Tracking so you can view the conversions on your dashboard. Also available is the ability to customize the Postback URL by copying it into the appropriate field and allowing Vimmy to take care of the rest independently (see below).

In addition, certain third-party tracking technologies, such as Voluum, Affise, Binom, BeMob, RedTrack, PeerClick, and others, may be integrated into the system.

Detailed Traffic Chart: 

Users may examine the traffic chart to determine the opportunities available in each nation they visit. Impression counts, click counts, Minimum CPCs, and suggested CPCs are all shown in the charts below. Get the data for both Push and In-page Push and the ability to filter it based on whether the advertisements are for mobile or desktop.

Start your Ad Campaign with Vimmy

Check the Campaigns: 

The campaigns and their status on the network may be checked with the greatest simplicity thanks to Vimmy, which allows you to see all of the advertisements regardless of whether they’re stopped, active, banned, rejected, archived, or in moderation.

Friendly Dashboard: 

The Vimmy dashboard is very user-friendly and has all of the necessary information, such as campaigns, the start hour, the start date, the end hour, the finish date, groups, and so on. Additionally, there are campaign choices to choose from, as well as the websites on which the advertisements are shown, the targeted nation, operating system, age group, and directions. Push notifications and in-page push notifications are both included in the Directions configuration. This data assists in maintaining a better understanding of the results of the advertisements and provides comprehensive statistics for the advertisements that are now running.

Smart Ad-Rotation: 

Using extremely sophisticated Machine Learning Technology and Big Data, they guarantee that advertising campaigns are shown at the appropriate time, on the proper device, and to the relevant people.

Everything is entirely flawless and is completed on schedule and without any delays.

Features of Vimmy advertiser platform

Vimmy advertiser

Ad finances:

With the assistance of this Ad network’s finances feature, you can keep track of your advertising expenses. Select the period, the ad status, and the payment method, and then click on view to see the results. They accept various payment methods, including Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer USD, and Wire Transfer EUR. Additionally, one may accumulate money for their own advertising and commercials for their business. Simply provide your contact information, tax identification number, and nation, and you’re done! It is a straightforward method to carry out and control advertising funds.

High-load Projects:

Over many years, they have successfully designed and executed several high-load projects in the advertising industry and have astonished hundreds of customers with their incredible conversion rate.

Wide Reach:

They have a broad reach and work with more than 250 million suppliers across the globe. They get over 650 million ad impressions and 2000 million ad requests monthly. This demonstrates that the network can deliver a large volume of high-quality traffic.

Different Geo Locations:

The top three nations they are interested in are the United States, Brazil, and Indonesia. India, France, Germany, and Spain are among the countries involved.

Self-serve platform:

Vimmy push ad network is an ad-serving platform that is easy to use. Only the users have control over how, when, and where campaigns are launched. Thanks to sophisticated targeting and in-depth reporting, users can target the appropriate audience while also receiving information on the effectiveness of their advertisements. Real-time statistics may also assist in making the best choices possible.

Anti-fraud technology:

Vimmy’s anti-fraud technology ensures that the advertisement does not reach bot traffic but only reaches real-time consumers. In today’s market, many ad networks offer traffic, but the traffic is not qualitative due to poor conversion rates. However, with Vimmy Push Ad Network, the advertisements do not get any bot traffic, which is a significant advantage.

Fast Campaign Creation & Approval:

Vimmy push ad network expedites the approval process for ad campaigns by allowing ads to be developed in minutes rather than hours. Creating new ads takes very little time, allowing marketers to run multiple campaigns simultaneously using this method.

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Vimmy Pros & Cons

Vimmy Pros

  • Integration via XML/RTB
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Several money transfer methods
  • In-depth reporting
  • Real-time statistics
  • Fast account approval
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • 3% referral commission
  • Low budget for testing campaigns ($50)
  • Multiple targeting options
  • AI and machine learning features
  • More than 650 million impressions daily
  • High-quality worldwide traffic
  • Maximize ROI and generate more revenue
  • Wide range of verticals, including Sweepstakes, Software, Dating, etc.
  • The platform is highly safe and secure
  • Easily and instantly launch campaigns

Vimmy Cons

  • Limited ad-formats
  • Does not support PayPal.


Vimmy is a network that I am unfamiliar with. Vimmy Network was my first experience with affiliate marketing, and I began with a $250 budget. My initial campaign results were good, and I was able to turn my campaign into a successful venture. The most significant part of Vimmy is that their moderation procedure is very fast, and your campaigns are approved within minutes of being submitted. Additionally, restricting locations, websites, and IP addresses is very beneficial to advertisers in terms of optimization and reducing the number of undesirable traffic sources.


Is Vimmy monitoring the campaigns?

Yes, Vimmy can monitor campaigns and connect with third-party monitoring systems.

What is the cost of Vimmy Push Ad Network?

Vimmy is a cost-per-click (CPC) network. It begins with a fee of $ 0.001 for each click and continues forever.

Which advertising formats does Vimmy have for publishers?

Vimmy is a push-and-in-page advertising platform targeting consumers across many countries, devices, and operating systems.

Is there a risk-free trial period available?

Vimmy does not provide a free trial, but you may sign up for free. Those who want to join the campaign but do not wish to participate immediately may do so and preview the features. Promotions, on the other hand, cannot be started without monetary payment.

Is Vimmy Push Ad Network a legitimate business?

Yes, it is advantageous due to the simplicity with which campaigns can be developed, the quickness with which they can be authorized, and the high-quality traffic accessible at affordable rates for all geos. Nothing is missing, and they also take care of each individual user.

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