Wondershare Fotophire Review: Is It The Best Photo Editor Software?

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So is it really that complex to edit a photo and make it look presentable?

Read the Wondershare Fotophire review to learn more about it and get started for the all-new experience in the editing world.

wondershare fotophire review

As you already know, it’s the era of Social Media, and every person wants to showcase their life & personality through it.

Also, we want to save several memories and share them with our friends. There may be specific photos that are not up to the mark by which we don’t feel confident because not everyone is a professional photographer.

So I am here to tell you about a photo editing software that helps you edit your pictures easily to make you a pro in photo editing.

About Wondershare Fotophire

wondershare homepage

Wondershare Fotophire is the one-stop solution for all your photo editing needs. It is a simple and easy software with a simple User Interface with three main features.

The 3 main features are a photo editor, Photo Cutter, and Photo Eraser, which help to edit the photos effectively. Also, cut the unwanted things in the picture without putting much effort into it so you can enjoy your leisure time.

System requirements to run Wondershare Fotophire

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium Processor or equivalent or above
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Usual internet connection.
  • Storage Space: Minimum 200 MB hard disk space

It is the best software for photo editing and comes with various features we will discuss ahead.

The whole range of Wondershare’s Graphic editing tools.

  • Wondershare Pixcut – One click to remove background from your images
  • Wondershare PixStudio – An all-in-one online graphic design maker for everyone.
  • Wondershare Fotophire – Edit photos, Crop, cut photos, and erase unwanted objects from photos. (Photo Editor, Photo Cutter, Photo Eraser)
  • Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer – Zoom in on the most important details of your pictures without losing quality.
  • Wondershare Fotophire Focus – Create crisp, clear photos by adjusting the sharpness, blur, and other essential elements.

How To Sign up for  Wondershare Fotophire?

Step 1: Firstly, type in the URL https://photo.wondershare.com

Step 2: You will see the Free Trial Tab just before the search tab; click on it.

After that, Tap on Try it Free, then the application will get downloaded.

wondershare step2

Step 3: Open the application form downloads and select the language per your preference.

wondershare step3

Step 4: Agree to the License Agreement, and you are now done with the app installation.

wondershare step4

Step 5: Run the application and start browsing it.

wondershare step5

Wondershare Fotophire Products

As you already know about the basic sign-up process, let’s proceed to the products Wondershare Fotophire offers.

Fotophire Editing Toolkit:

wondershare editing

This option helps edit the pictures so effectively that even if it’s a poor-quality photo, it enhances it accordingly. It helps in adding more stunning effects, which will allow it to look more beautiful and soothing. You can crop, flip, and tilt your image or add creative filters to make it look nicer.

This toolkit consists of 3 most essential tools of this software, which are as follows:

Photo Editor: This tool comes with various options such as:

  • 200+ photo effects with multiple filters, frames, vintage effects, cinematic effects, etc.
  • Before and after views
  • 20+ Blend modes
  • Color correction helps in balancing and saturating the image and more.

Photo cutter: This option helps change and add various background effects, and you can set the element as you want. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Precisely remove the background from the image.
  • Create amazing photomontage
  • Remove any unwanted object from the image and more.

Photo Eraser: This tool helps in automatically removing the unwanted object and repairing the surrounding:

  • Remove any watermark and any other stamp
  • Add an extra object or person
  • Restore the old photo

Fotophire Focus:

wondershare focus

This option helps make your picture clearer and more professional, making it look more intense. Even it helps to autofocus on a blurry image and automatically makes it visible to look at. With an intelligent and creative blur, you can focus on any image part and vice versa.

Some of the best features of this option:

  • Fix the blurred image with a single click
  • Batch mode
  • Before and after views
  • Refocus on the given image with ease.

Wondershare PixCut:

wondershare pixcut

This option tells you how to remove the image background, which can be done quickly through this. Just upload the image, it will automatically remove the background, and your image is ready to be downloaded.

The steps to remove the background are as follows:

  • Upload the selected image
  • It will automatically remove the background
  • Download the resulting image.

Fotophire Maximizer:

wondershare maximizer

This option helps us to zoom the given image to 1000% without any quality damage or blurriness. It also allows you to select any part of the image you want to print on the banner, hoarding, etc., without any quality loss. Some of the salient features of these options are:

  • Enlarge photos for print object
  • High-resolution close-up of any details from your photos
  • Saving the low-light photo
  • Before and after views

Wondershare PixStudio:

wondershare pixstudio

This option provides you with creative and unique designs by which you can design your images according to your needs. It has a wide variety of templates, and you can customize even a single detail of your image. It also provides us with vector graphics, making your design look more attractive.

Some of the salient features of this application are:

  • A fantastic set of templates is at hand and counting.
  • Customize everything
  • Background remover
  • Thousands of vector graphics

Slideshow Maker:

wondershare slideshow maker

This option helps you make your personalized slideshow look more astonishing with various templates and the music you want to add.

  • Customize your slideshow with music and templates easily
  • You can even share your slideshows on social media with just one click.
  • Regularly updated templates added to the library.
  • Price

    $49.99 per year
  • Free Trial

    Free Trial available.
  • Founded

  • System Requirements

    Windows, Mac

Wondershare Fotophire Pricing

wondershare pricing 1

The subscription to Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit would cost you around 49.99$ if you take it for 1 Year, but the lifetime license of the given software would cost you $79.99.

wondershare pricing 2

You can also club the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit + Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer + Wondershare Fotophire Focus. The subscription will cost $89.99.

Wondershare Fotophire Pros and Cons


  • Best app you can get to edit images as well as videos.
  • The image cutter and Eraser options are the best in the software without any flaws, giving you a good user experience.
  •  No need to install any other app for professional photo edit if you already have this app
  • Excellent set of features available, and it’s straightforward to use.


  • Sometimes while using, the software lags.
  • Some features can confuse people a little.
  • A little expensive but worth it.
  • Not accurate sometimes

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Is there a free trial offered by Wondershare Fotophire?

Yes, there is a free trial for 7 days that you can use by downloading the software.

Which system is required to install this software?

Windows 10, Windows8, Windows7, or 32/64 bit and 1GHz intel pentium processor or equivalent and a minimum of 1 GB RAM with at least 100 MB of Hard disk.

Can Photo Editor, Photo Eraser or Photo Cutter be opened at the same time?

Yes, all the 3 can be opened simultaneously as they are built on the individual architecture.

Is it easy to use the software Wondershare Fotophire?

Yes, it is straightforward to use as it is well known for its simplicity.

Is it possible to get a discount on the subscription?

Yes, it can be said that you can save if you buy all image editing programs, as mentioned in the above pricing part.

Wondershare Fotophire Review Conclusion:

Wondershare Fotophire is easy-to-use and adaptable software. It allows you to run various features like Photo Editor, Photo Cutter, and Photo eraser, which gives you around 200+ editing effects.

Also, you get many templates and designs to make your photo look more attractive and lovely.

So, I consider this software very easygoing and also best for beginners and I would recommend everyone to try this and make the most out of it.