SpinupWP Review – Free Trial, Features, Pros & Cons (Everything you need to know)

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spinupwp review article

Hosting a WordPress site is easy. You get WordPress hosting and install WordPress using cPanel. Even a cPanel alternative can do this for you.

But when it comes to VPS servers and dedicated hosting, where hosting cost is not shared, and you’re buying your own server, you also have to pay for a control panel. These control panels are not cheap at all. To save on your cost of managing multiple servers (that too from one dashboard), you take the help of a cloud control panel that lets you manage your server seamlessly.

SpinupWP is one such platform that saves the cost of managing a server and utilizes it to its best for hosting your WordPress applications.

spinupwp homepage

Whether you’ve bought a dedicated server or a cloud VPS, this panel manages everything. It proves to be cheaper (when compared to a standard managed WordPress hosting plan).

I will provide you with a comprehensive overview of SpinupWP in this article. We’ll discuss the basic features, some advantages, and disadvantages. So, let us begin.

How Does SpinupWP Work?

1. Spin up a Server

spinup first sever
Spin up a server, sign in to your DigitalOcean account (or any other provider), and then relax as SpinupWP takes care of installing all the necessary software and fine-tuning it to operate your WordPress site as quickly and dependably as possible. Your brand-new server will be prepared for you in ten minutes. 

2. SpinupWP Configures Everything for You

SpinupWP configures a free SSL certificate, cron tasks, cache rules, and all other necessary elements for a high-performing WordPress site when you add a new site to your server. You may add development, staging, and production sites.

3. Add SSH Users

add sudo users in spinupwp server
Require root access? No issue, use sudo to add as many SSH users as you like with complete root access. The castle’s keys are in your possession. Need to provide SSH or SFTP access to a client for their website? Each site has its SSH user that can only access that particular site. 

4. Your Server is Configured for Speed

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the most recent versions of Nginx, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis are installed on your new server. Standard installations; no strangely constructed packages or unorthodox routes. Everything should be in its proper place and be set up for performance as you would anticipate.

5. Disconnect Your Server at Any Time

disconnect server
You may also quit at any moment. You may disconnect your server from SpinupWP at any moment and try administering it alone, even if staying puts you out of the loop about security upgrades and best practices changes. They do not confine you.

6. Using SSH to Tweak Configuration Files

Do you want to use SSH to modify a few configuration files on the server manually? Do it now. SpinupWP can handle it, even though it’s a configuration file that it changes.

7. Your Server is Safe and Secure

Are you concerned about maintaining server security? Never be. A firewall is set up on your server, automatically installing security upgrades as they become available. When a significant update for a program you’ve installed (like Nginx) becomes available, SpinupWP notifies you and gives you advice on upgrading.

SpinupWP Features

SpinupWP offers helpful features on its website to provide you with the most incredible experience possible.

Scheduled Backups

You may create complete backups of your site’s files (media, themes, and plugins) and database with SpinupWP’s site backups. Connect it to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or any other storage service you like after that.

Professional Guidance & Best Practices

SpinupWP will actively guide you and provide recommendations for looking after your server. You can find out what’s going on with your server since it gives you thorough feedback regarding the activities it does on it.


Invite a team member to a new team account, and then let them set up their servers. Which permissions you provide your team is entirely up to you.

SFTP Access for your clients

You may provide someone SFTP/SSH access to just that particular site if you’re hosting a site for them. Due to the way SpinupWP set up the site’s security isolation across sites, they will only be able to access the files for that particular site.

Sites Cloning

When you need to launch a staging site, clone your sites. You may duplicate an existing site with SpinupWP, including all files, the database, and the server setup. Test the updated PHP version in a separate setting so as not to affect your live website.

Security Isolation for Sites

A new system user is generated for each website you add to your server using SpinupWP. A PHP-FPM pool is set up to operate as the site user, who owns all site files. Each website only has access to its data; thus, if one website has a security flaw and becomes infected with malware, just one website’s files might get corrupted.

Scheduled Posts are published on Schedule

Every site you add with SpinupWP needs a server-side cron job, so configure one. It ensures that, as it ought to, the cron on your WordPress website runs once per minute.


Get SpinupWP to supply multilayer security sites. SpinupWP will prevent the root user’s ability to log in through SSH, only let Nginx and SSH connections via the firewall, and monitor and block unsuccessful attempts over the threshold. Additionally, the Nginx is set up to protect against MIME sniffing, clickjacking, XSS, and other threats.

Error Logs

Activate SpinupWP’s error logging feature. SpinupWP, by default, permits error logs and stores them in a secure location where they are cycled regularly like other server logs.

Git Push-to-Deploy

Add a git repository to your SpinupWP site to deploy your code and push it to master. It works with Bitbucket, GitHub, or a personal git repository. Additionally, you may set up a build script to do specific actions on the server upon deployment.

Cache all things

Redis object caching is configured on your SpinupWP-powered websites to cut down on database calls. You may also enable “full-page caching” to get a rapid page load.

Free SSL/ TSL Certificate

You may get an SSL/TLS certificate without cost by connecting to SpinupWP. Your credentials will be installed, configured, and renewed by SpinupWP, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Latest & Greatest Software

Through SpinupWP, install the most recent stable versions of Redis, MySQL / MariaDB, PHP, and Nginx from the standard apt-get repositories. Even if you disconnect from SpinupWP, you may retain them.

Automatic Security Updates

Set up SpinupWP on your server to apply security updates. Your websites are shielded from software flaws that might compromise your server.

Integrates with any providers

You may quickly connect existing sites from DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, or any other provider with SpinupWP. SpinupWP may be integrated with any provider.

How To Sign Up for SpinupWP Free Trial?

Follow these simple steps to sign up for the SpinupWP trial – 

Step 1: Go to the website from here – https://spinupwp.com/ 

Step 2: Click on ‘Pricing’. 

Step 3: Choose the plan and click ‘Start your free trial’. 

Step 4: Sign up from wherever you want. 

That is it. You are good to go. 

SpinupWP Review – Pricing

Source: SpinupWP Official Website

As you can see, they have two pricing plans. I firmly believe the pricing of SpinupWP is feasible, and their pricing plans are well structured. If your needs are high, you can go for the Team Plan, while the Personal Plan will do just fine for others. Just make sure that these plans do not include storage and cloud costs. These costs will be added for you and levied on you by your provider. Also, using the application, you can upgrade your plan anytime.

SpinupWP offers a 7-day free trial.

extend spinupwp trial offer

Also, the best part is that this does not require any credit cards either.

So, I would recommend trying it.

Also, the free trial has all the features. Nothing excluded.

All this makes SpinupWP very trustworthy.

SpinupWP is intended to provide the tools you need to run your server and site independently, yet you may have concerns. From 9:00 to 1:00 GMT, Monday through Friday, Standard Email Support assists with your servers and websites. According to their plans, a 24×7 monitoring and issue response service with quicker reaction times from Monday through Friday and one free site migration per server per month will be available soon.

If you need better support, you can contact them for a quote.

My Review

I decided to try it and have my hands on the control panel.

You can quickly get a free trial and spin up the first server. Here’s what my dashboard looks like.

first server

Clicked on Spin Up a New server. Now I have options to choose from.

options for new server in spinupwp

If you click on DigitalOcean, you can get a free trial with $100 credits. (Only for new users).

existing digitalocean user

Clicked. I’ve already provisioned a fresh server at DigitalOcean

But wait, I prefer UpCloud, which was not an option. But SpinupWP should support it within the “Other providers.”

you just need a fresh server

I only had to use a new server. You should not try this with a server already in use.

setting up server in spinupwp

Filled up everything and clicked next. It makes a check before installing its script (thumbs up).

connection successful upcloud spinupwp

Asking me to set up the hostname and timezone.

hostname and timezone spinupwp

Next up, Database configuration is required.

database server setup spinupwp

The last step maybe.

spinning up a new server

Whoa. I got it installed. The first attempt went well, and I successfully spinned my first sever. It took almost 10 minutes.

server dashboard spinupwp

Important controls are easy to navigate.

spinupwp server main controls

Creating a new site is easy.

new site setup with spinupwp
database setup spinupwp new site
setup caching for new site spinupwp

It requires you to confirm the formation given before installing the new WordPress site on your server.

confirm before installation of new site

Installation starts

installing wordpress spinupwp

Compared to other panels (and auto-installers), the process was extended.

site is ready in spinupwp

At this stage, a fresh installation of WordPress is complete on the domain. I only need to point the domain to the server’s IP address using the DNS records.

If you’ve storage on a cloud provider, you can set it up to create automated backups and store them off-site.

storage provider for backups

SpinupWP Pros and Cons

SpinupWP Pros

  • Faster load times and Great Uptime
  • Built-in features like WP-CLI and Git support. 
  • Cheaper than managed hosting
  • Clone sites seamlessly
  • sFTP access and SSH access
  • Automated scheduled backups

SpinupWP Cons 

  • Need off-site storage for backups

Support isn’t as readily apparent or accessible as on a managed server. Given that SpinupWP is a control panel rather than a host, this is logical. When your Bluehost website is down, you won’t call cPanel. However, you can contact them for a quote if you need better support.

Why Do I Recommend SpinupWP?

1. Developer-focused features

For Git-based development, this includes capabilities like a “push-to-deploy” function. This enables you to edit your website using a Git repository and then use it to update your live website.

2. Good Security

Site sandboxing, error logging by default, and many hardening measures are just a few of the intelligent security features available to keep you secure (on top of what your host already provides).

3. Extensive caching options

This includes functions like Redis and full-page solutions that adhere to the performance constraints of Nginx.

4. Highly compatible

Working with many cloud-hosting companies, including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and others.


Regardless of your spending plan, wasting money on unnecessary or pricey things is often terrible. Even justifiable purchases like premium hosting, though, may strain your finances. Many website owners will opt for less expensive but more detailed cloud hosting providers like DigitalOcean.

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SpinupWP, a server control panel for cloud-based hosting, has been examined in this article. Several features may help you receive a managed hosting experience at shared prices, and you can utilize practically any cloud host.

  • Faster load times and Great Uptime
  • Built-in features like WP-CLI and Git support. 
  • Cheaper than managed hosting
  • Clone sites seamlessly
  • sFTP Access and SSH access
  • Automated scheduled backups
  • Choose from MariaDB or MySQL
  • No local backups of the site
  • Requires you to buy storage separately for backups
  • Single server stack (Nginx)

$12 / mo

Are you going to look at SpinupWP as a potential option further? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

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Will I still be able to access my servers and sites once my SpinupWP free trial has expired?

Once your trial has ended, you must choose a plan to access your SpinupWP dashboard. After selecting a plan, everything is configured, just as during your trial. There is no need to repeat the setup procedure. You must use SSH or your VPS provider to access your servers if you choose not to acquire a SpinupWP membership.

Are the SpinupWP free trial features limited?

No way! You’ll have access to the Personal plan’s features throughout your trial.

Do I have to choose a plan before the SpiupWP trial?

No, by default, your free trial will have all the features of the Personal plan. You may upgrade your free trial to a Team account through the payment options if you want to check out the Team features. At any time throughout your trial or after it has ended, you can choose a subscription.

Is a credit card required for the SpinupWP 7-day free trial?

No credit card is necessary. Just type in your name and email address to launch a server.