WPFunnels Review: The Best Funnel Builder Tool (Pricing, Pros & Cons)

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Are you looking for a tool that will boost the conversion rate of your website? WPFunnels might be the right choice for you if this is the case.

My WPFunnels review shows you how it turns your website into a powerful sales machine with its drag-and-drop visual sales funnel builder.

WPFunnels: Introduction

wpfunnels funnel builder

In your WordPress dashboard, you can create sales funnels with WPFunnels. A funnel is a series of pages and steps that lead to one specific product, usually based around one product. This is to prevent users from getting distracted by other things on a website instead of the product at hand.

With this software, you can manage all the pages, products, and marketing funnels within your back-office, rather than using a 3rd party builder. The integration is all native to your site, so there are no glitches or issues.

The software currently integrates only with WooCommerce. You can also integrate with email marketing tools to collect email addresses, as WPFunnels also uses various page builders, such as Elementor.

The right software for eCommerce is ideal if you want to sell products, courses, build an online store, take payments for bookings, and so forth.

WPFunnels Features


Many WordPress Funnel builders have appeared around, but WPFunnels offers some additional features that set it apart from its competition.

The main WPFunnels features include:

  • Visual Drag & Drop Funnel Builder
  • Pre-made Funnel Templates
  • Checkout page Customisation
  • Order Bumps
  • One-Click Upsells & Downsells

Creating a funnel with a drag and drop interface has been a game changer for me personally!

Top Features of WPFunnels

Drag & Drop Funnel Builder

I was gobsmacked by how easy and effective the drag and drop funnel builder is. WPFunnels’ sales funnel builder will let you map your customers’ journey within your site. Add elements, drag & drop them according to your needs, and then connect them all together to create your sales funnel.

By clicking on the pencil edit icon on each step of your sales funnel outline, you can then edit each step. You can then save your funnel to publish it. 

A great tool within this feature is the statistics switch. On that page, you’ll see the number of people who go through each part of your funnel! It’s the perfect way to improve your sales funnel.

Pre-Made Funnel Templates

The templates are similar to those available in any page or sales funnel builder. There is a limited selection of WPFunnels, however, there is more than enough to get you started.

You can import 3x 3-step funnels into your website using the free plan of this software. An order success page is displayed after you check out the order.

There are three parts to this page. As part of the Pro Plan, you’ll also receive one 3-step funnel and three 5-step funnels. Throughout the funnel, you will see sales pages, checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, and order success pages.

Using the funnels is as easy as selecting the one you want, clicking Import, and your funnel will be ready for editing in less than a minute.

Custom WooCommerce Checkout Page

WPFunnels allows you to customize your WooCommerce checkout live within your page builder, which is one of the most exciting features.

The page builder I used for this review of WPFunnels is Elementor. You can customize the order bump, the layout of the checkout, the type of text, and the colors in the visual editor.

Click on the settings cog to edit the products and checkout fields. There are options to add products and edit fields.

Checkout Order Bumps


You can easily add order bumps to your sales funnel. You can add additional options to your checkout by clicking on the settings cog on the checkout page, then clicking on Order Bump.

The bump can also appear where you wish. A visual page builder or this settings page can be used for this.

One-Click Upsell & Downsell Offers

one click upsell

Your customer value will also increase if you add upsells and downsells to your sales funnel. Upsells and downsells can be added to your funnel map by connecting them where you want them to activate then clicking on the cog to add the products and prices.

Now that you have added the settings, you will need to edit the page to reflect the products you intend to sell. Upsells and downsells should be sold for a discounted price, as these are one-time offers.

Alternatively, if they decline the upsell, they’re directed to the downsell which is either a cheaper version of the original product, or a similar product.

Using Page Builders

The WPFunnels review was created with 2x page builders. Gutenberg and Elementor. Currently, it doesn’t appear that any other page builder integrations are in the works, but Gutenberg and Elementor should be enough for most users.

WPFunnels Pricing

wpfunnels pricing

WPFunnels has 3 pricing options with lifetime and annual options. I will try to keep this up-to-date, but this may change over time.

Small Plan: One website license is included in the Small plan. For small business owners or sole proprietors without a need to maintain multiple websites, this is ideal. You can purchase the Small plan for $97 a year or get a lifetime deal for $237.

Medium Plan: The Medium plan gives you a 5x website license, making it more generous in terms of usage. Marketing companies or medium-sized businesses that have multiple businesses under one umbrella can use this to run multiple websites. It costs $147 per year to get the Medium plan, and $437 one-time for the lifetime deal.

Large Plan: 

You get unlimited installation licenses with the Large plan, so it is basically an unlimited plan. If you need it to be installed on over five websites, this is the perfect solution for agencies, funnel designers, marketers, and developers. There is a one-time cost of $737 for the lifetime deal, and an annual fee of $237 for Large.

Alternatives to WPFunnels


Basically, it’s an app that was created to enable you to determine the value of your marketing funnel, down to how much you should be charging for every visitor to your site. You will receive a customized report and a projection of your goals after entering some basic data.

Sales Funnel Template by Salesflare

The product is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs that wish to visualize sales processes. By using this software, you can track sales funnel metrics automatically, manage your leads in one place, and customize your stages in your sales funnel.


Software like Funneled is simple to use and quick to install. Using it, you can create your own reports based on your data needs. Manage your daily activities associated with customer phasing by using Funneled. Multiple use cases can be supported, including events, sales, fundraising, exhibitions, etc.

Sales Funnels by involving. me

By involving, the software is amazing. By optimizing and creating funnels for your business, I help you make more money. You can collect leads with this tool and accept payments with PayPal and Stripe. It is also possible to create funnels with this tool. Drag & drop functionality is available.

21 Jumpstart

This will allow you to fill your lead funnel on a monthly basis. You will get B2B leads that are qualified, interested, and ready to be closed with this software. The software is free. It takes the pressure off your team.

What makes WPFunnels stand out?

WordPress Funnel builders abound, but WPFunnels stands out for some really compelling reasons. The features of this software make it quite different from other programs out there.

A few of the key features of WPFunnels include Pre-made Funnel Templates, Checkout Page Customization, Order Bumps, and Visual Drag and Drop Funnel Builder.

Additionally, there will be full analytics for every funnel step, A/B testing for every step, and a major payment processing system to go along with the current Stripe option.

WPFunnels stands out from the other funnel builders because it allows you to design the funnel flows visually with a drag and drop canvas. In order to track or create your funnels, you do not need to use multiple tools.

The WPFunnels platform allows you to plan your funnel, launch your sales campaigns, and track everything from one place.

Pros and Cons of WPFunnels



  • Every business and niche needs a funnel builder.
  • The entire sales funnel can be planned, designed, and executed without leaving the dashboard.
  • No matter what product you offer, you can maximize your online sales and leads.
  • Every business and niche needs a funnel builder.
  • The entire sales funnel can be planned, designed, and executed without leaving the dashboard.
  • No matter what product you offer, you can maximize your online sales and leads.
  • In just 15 minutes, it creates a working funnel.
  • Time and energy are saved.
  • Makes sure that the entire process is possible in WordPress.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Bugs can sometimes be found.
  • There are some improvements that need to be made.

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WPFunnels Final Verdict

After seeing so many similar tools on the internet, I was very satisfied with the process of creating this WPFunnels review.

As a WordPress drag & drop funnel builder, you get all the benefits of funnel mapping software. My future websites will use WPFunnels, and I’m looking forward to seeing additional features added in this software.

So how was the WPFunnels review?

Do share your thoughts on WPFunnels review in the comments section.