10 Best High Paying Clickbank Alternatives 2024

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ClickBank is a platform that allows you to promote products and earn money. It accepts all individuals except those from certain countries such as Nigeria. In this post, we will be sharing some of the best ClickBank alternatives for making money online.

Although ClickBank offers a wide range of products with high commissions, it’s always good to have other options. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best and highest-paying alternatives for you.

We understand that our personal bias towards ClickBank should not prevent you from discovering other great networks that offer similar options. There are billions of dollars spent each year on different networks that offer fantastic deals that ClickBank may not have.

Best High-Paying Clickbank Alternatives

Joining other affiliate networks is not a good idea because it will be too much work. But many people use these other networks and do billions of dollars worth of sales yearly. It would be a good idea to join these other affiliate networks, but you should only do it if you want to because it will make your life more difficult.

So, here are the Clickbank alternatives for you.

1. Mindvalley


The reason to list Mindvalley as the top Clickbank alternatives is because it provides good quality courses and programs. They make people’s lives better by changing their mindsets and improving things. But you’ll need to be well-known to get approved for these courses.

Mindvalley takes a commission of 30%. They have courses that cost about $300. That would give you a profit of $90. They have a cookie that lasts 30 days.

They also have some good ways to show your house online and make it more likely for people to come. Their courses are high quality and they are filmed in a studio, which is different from other places where the videos might be on YouTube or Udemy.

2. JVzoo


JVzoo is a company that sells digital products. It has been in business for about 10 years and takes pride in providing good customer service.

They are not very different than Clickbank because there are also many spammy products on both sites.

JVzoo is an online store where you can sell digital products. The commissions are paid with PayPal, but new members need to wait for the refund period before they get their money.

They offer high commissions (up to 50%) and a tracking feature so that you can optimize your marketing efforts.

There are many niches to choose from, and if you have any questions, there’s always someone at the company who you can talk to 24/7 if needed.

3. CJ Affiliate


CJ Affiliate is a network that has a lot of different products. Some brands they have are GoPro, Barnes & Noble, Lowes, IHG, Overstock, Priceline and Office Depot.

They also have J.Crew and more! Their website has many categories, such as Accessories and Computer & Electronics.

CJ Affiliate is a good website to make money through ads. It has many offers, and some of them are really popular brands. They have detailed tracking and reporting. It also has links that you can use on other websites or blogs.

4. FlexOffers


FlexOffers is a company that helps you to get more ads on your site. It has many top names like Reebok, AT&T, Nike, H&M, Gap, Macy’s and Kohl’s. They have programs that pay you for doing things or just being there.

FlexOffers is easy to join. They offer things like EPCs (earnings per click) that other affiliate networks do not offer. You can use banners, widgets, and deep links for advertisers who want them.

Payments are made through bank transfer, wire transfer (if you get paid $1000), check, or PayPal. They make sure to use two-factor authentication for extra security.

The most common program pays you when people click on ads on your website. We also have a place where we can sign up other sites as affiliates who will promote our site and make us money too!

5. eBay Partner Network


eBay Partner Network is a famous affiliate network. You can promote products on your blog or website. The first one is that you find the right product for your audience’s interests. There are lots of products on eBay so make sure to choose a genuine product to promote.

For sharing the products with your audience, you should use tools provided to generate affiliate links. You can also measure the performance of these links.

The minimum payment for eBay Partner Network is $10, and after that, you can get paid every month when you reach the minimum threshold.

Amazon Associates is another option to share your products with people.

6. Rakuten LinkShare


LinkShare was a company that made money from advertising. In 2014, they were bought by the company Rakuten and now they are part of it. LinkShare focuses on physical products. They have 1,000 advertisers and some of them are big brands like Walmart and Guess Brands.

Rakuten LinkShare is a good choice for advertisers because they have big brands. If you are looking to promote physical products, Rakuten LinkShare is one of the best places to join. They give you tools that help you track your performance.

If you need help with Rakuten LinkShare, there are ways to contact them. You can email or use a form. You can also make payments in cash, by direct deposit, or by PayPal. There is no minimum payment amount for Rakuten LinkShare if you pay in US dollars.

7. Udemy


Udemy is a website where you can learn about many things. It has over 150,000 courses. They have to do with different topics and areas of interest.

They have banners that you can use to advertise the course on your own website or blog. You will be able to earn a 20% commission from people who buy anything from Udemy after clicking through your banner, even if they don’t buy the course you advertised.

Udemy is good for learning things. It has courses on lots of different subjects. The course they give you lasts for 7 days, but most courses are only $10 or they are on sale.

Some of the best niches to learn about are business, design, photography, development, marketing, and IT & software.

8. ShareASale


ShareASale is a popular site and has been around for about 20 years. They were bought by Awin in 2017, but they work with the two sites separately.

ShareASale is one of the best Clickbank alternatives because there are lots of products to promote and it is not too hard to get accepted as an affiliate.

ShareASale is a network where you can promote different products. It is easier to get accepted than other networks and the payouts are on time.

They have affiliate managers who help out if you need it and there is a selection of products for people to promote.

But, they use characters in their links that might lead to broken links in WordPress if someone switches back and forth between the text and HTML versions.

9. Market Health


Market Health is a place to buy health products. Digital products are found at ClickBank, but not at Market Health.

There are many different categories of health and beauty products available there including general health, weight loss, colon health, men’s health, cosmetics, and more.

Market Health is a great company because you can find so many different health products. Health niches will always be popular, and MarketHealth makes it easy to access those niches.

This company offers as much as 50% commission, which is a lot for this type of business!

Market Health is a company with remarkable support for affiliates. They have an FAQ page and contact form. There are no affiliate managers, but the associates care about the high-performing ones.

If they like you, then it’s easy to get approval for higher rates. You can earn commissions by mailing checks or wire transfers or through Skrill (money transferred electronically).

10. Pepperjam


Pepperjam is a company that has been around for over 20 years. They have big brands, like Shutterfly, Puma, Nordstrom, Lindt. And they also have some smaller companies too. You can use banners on their website to advertise your company.

Pepperjam offers many different links and buttons for customers to buy stuff on your site too! Pepperjam offers two ways of advertising on their website: CPA or CPS. That means you only pay if someone buys something from your store!

Pepperjam has less than 1,000 advertisers. This is less than many other networks. Payments are supposed to be made 60 days after they start, but it may take longer sometimes.

They only offer PayPal for payouts, but you might be able to get approved for direct deposit or a check if you email them.

11. Amazon Associates


Amazon has a program that lets you make money. You can get anything on Amazon, and it is perfect because it’s free membership. The only problem with this is that the percentage of the money you get back for selling things is low.

And also, if the sale doesn’t happen in 24 hours, it won’t count as your referral. Amazon is a good option if you want an affiliate network. It is different from Clickbank but is still a good choice.

FAQs (Clickbank Alternatives)

What are ClickBank products?

ClickBank is a place where people can sell things. They can be physical items or digital ones, such as music and movies. There is also a place on the website where people who want to sell things can find someone who will help them with their sales and marketing.

Is ClickBank a good way to make money?

Clickbank is a website where you can make money. You can also lose money if you are not careful. You need to invest time and energy into it to succeed, but there are no up-front costs when you start out as an affiliate.

Is ClickBank free to use?

Anyone can be a ClickBank affiliate. You just need to find a product that you want to promote, and then you will have a link that directs people to the page for the product.

How do ClickBank affiliates work for beginners?

You can do these four steps to start your affiliate marketing at Clickbank.

  • 1) Set up your account as a Clickbank affiliate.
  • 2) Find a product that you want to market as an affiliate
  • 3) Get your hoplink
  • 4) Get paid for any sales that happen from it.

Is ClickBank safe to use?

Yes, click bank is very safe to use. To say that you don’t feel safe would be like saying that you do not trust your regional supermarket like Frys or Target.

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If you want to leave ClickBank, here are 3 reasons. You might not be able to do what you want with it. That is why people look for Clickbank alternatives. There is a place that will help you fix things with ClickBank.

The Best Ones

It can be hard to sell products online. You may be able to make more money if you are selling physical products. If you want to promote high-ticket offers, you should choose one of the following affiliate programs: Rakuten, Market Health, Amazon Associates Program, or eBay Partner Network.

The Best Commission

You have many choices for which offers you want to do. You can choose from CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and JVZoo. It is important to try the one that will give you opportunities and fewer headaches.

In today’s world, eCommerce is becoming more and more competitive. This is because people can buy things very quickly.

If you own a website that has content, then it would be a good idea to find other ways to make money online rather than just relying on Clickbank.