10 Best Affordable Dedicated Server Companies In the Netherlands

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Are you looking for cheap Netherlands dedicated servers but don’t want to waste time searching for it? I have done the hard work for you. In this article, I present the list of the best companies selling dedicated servers in the Netherlands.

Before telling you more about the dedicated server companies, let me tell you about cheap dedicated server hosting.

Cheapest Netherlands Dedicated Server Companies


contabo dedicated server

Contabo is the #1 world-class dedicated server provider in over 190 countries. The company has been in the hosting business for over 19 years and serves over 130,000+ customers worldwide.

contabo logo min

Contabo – Best Offer – No Setup Fee

Get the best dedicated-server today!
$49.99 /month
$49.99 / month
Save Setup Fee

At Contabo, you get powerful hardware with a bare metal server. You can configure the server as you like with complete control in your hand.

Pros (Advantages)
  • 99.99% network uptime
  • 14 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast setup time
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Start at less than $7 per month
  • FREE DDoS and virus protection
  • Bare metal servers with no noise and virtualization
Cons (Drawbacks)
  • No Live-chat support
  • Not Instant Setup
  • Limited Bandwidth

Why Choose Contabo?

  • German quality servers with experience of over 2 decades.
  • Globally available data centers.
  • Unbeatable prices on the top Netherlands dedicated server
  • Award-winning support for the smooth functioning of your website.
  • Fully secured with 3 pillars of security.
  • Install any control panel and choose any operating system.


Clouvider Dedicated Servers

Clouvider’s unmanaged Dedicated servers offer premium services with high-class performance. You will experience high download speed, reliability, and unmatched performance.

Why Choose Clouvider?

  • A 50GB offsite backup to store your data.
  • Choose from software RAID, hardware RAID, or no RAID.
  • High-speed network of 2×1 Gbps diverse.
  • By default, the server gets Linux OS preinstalled, but you can get Windows at an optional cost.
  • Choose DirectAdmin for gratis or choose cPanel/WHM license.
  • DDoS protection with Corero.
  • World-class data center with optimum speed and redundancy.
  • Round-the-clock support and server management.


bluehost dedicated hosting

BlueHost is the #1 WordPress hosting platform and provides dedicated hosting services. With a single-tenant server, you can manage the resources you want.

The multi-server management features allow you to add & manage more VPS, Shared, or Dedicated hosting services.

You can get unmanaged servers if you know how to control your resources. With the cPanel, you can manage all your websites, domains, emails, and more.

Why Choose BlueHost?

  • One domain name is free for the first year with any Netherlands dedicated server
  • Built with open source technology, allowing you to upgrade the speed anytime.
  • Upgrade your server storage without any assistance anytime you want.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Perform custom installs with full root access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • High-quality RAID storage.
  • High-quality support from experts to resolve dedicated hosting issues.
bluehost dedicated hosting pricing
  • Standard: $79.99/mo (1 free domain, 3 dedicated IPs, 4GB memory)
  • Enhanced: $99.99/mo (1 free domain, 4 dedicated IPs, 8GB memory)
  • Premium: $119.99/mo (1 free domain, 5 dedicated IPs, 16GB memory)


hostgator dedicated hosting

HostGator offers a powerful dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth. You can choose either Linux or Windows as per your requirement.

You have complete control over your dedicated resources without any limitations. You can choose either HDD or SSD based on your site’s requirements.

Your site is always safe with DDoS protection and IP-based firewall protection. You can choose cPanel and Plesk for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Why Choose HostGator?

  • US-based Tier-3 data center servers.
  • Choose between Linux or Windows and cPanel or Plesk control panels for your Netherlands dedicated server
  • You can go with semi-managed or fully managed dedicated servers.
  • Configure the server as you want with complete control in your hand.
  • Get your site up and running with 100% network uptime.
  • Round-the-clock support with Gator team support.


hostgator dedicated hosting pricing
  • Value Server: $89.98/month with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD storage.
  • Power Server: $119.89/month with 16 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD/ 512 GB SSD.
  • Enterprise Server: $139.99/month with 30 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD.

A2 Hosting

a2hosting dedicated hosting

Want to get rid of slow website loading speed? Get A2Hosting bare metal dedicated hosting services with unmanaged and managed options.

The unmanaged dedicated servers in the Netherlands offer command line management, OS of your choice, and full root access. The managed server offers a cPanel control panel, root access, and managed security services.

When you choose an unmanaged Netherlands dedicated server, you have self-control over your resources and configuration. But you need to be a system admin, or you can’t manage your website.

Why Choose A2 Hosting?

  • Get more speed with the Turbo plans.
  • Choose a processor of your choice.
  • 3x faster NVMe storage for ultra-fast page loading times.
  • BMD servers offer high performance.
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Unmanaged pricing:

a2hosting unmanaged pricing
  • Hyper 1: $105.99/month with 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and 6 TB bandwidth.
  • Hyper 2 AMD: $135.99/month with 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Hyper Turbo AMD: $165.99/month with 64 GB RAM, 1TB NVME M.2 SSD, and 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Hyper 2 Intel: $135.99.month with 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and 10 TB bandwidth.

All unmanaged plans offer a money-back guarantee.

Managed Pricing:

a2hosting managed pricing
  • Warp 1: $155.99/month with 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and 6 TB bandwidth.
  • Warp 2 AMD: $185.99/month with 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and Turbo CPU.
  • Warp 2 Turbo AMD: $215.99/month with 64 GB RAM, 1TB NVME M.2 SSD, and Turbo CPU.
  • Warp 2 Intel: $185.99/month with 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and Turbo CPU.

All the managed plans offer root-level access, free SSL & site migration, and a money-back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

inmotion dedicated hosting

InMotion offers industry-leading dedicated hosting at an affordable price. All the dedicated server hosting plans include automatic updates, so you don’t have to do it manually.

The servers are fast, secure, and reliable, with 99.9% uptime Tier 1 network. You can either choose Managed server with cPanel or bare metal servers.

You will experience 20x faster hosting with DDoS protection and 99.99% network uptime. Any of their Netherlands dedicated server plans allow you to choose a data center of your choice.

Why Choose InMotion?

  • Include cPanel and WHM with a single dashboard.
  • Transfer your websites to InMotion for free with sysadmin support.
  • Tier 1 network that is reliable and consistent.
  • Multi-layer defense system with next-gen security protocols.
  • Free 2048 encryption SSL certificate.
  • Softaculous one-click install applications.
  • Zero downtime upgrades.
  • Manage your server from anywhere with remote KVM.

Managed with cPanel:

inmotion managed pricing
  • Essential: $139.99/mo with 16 GB RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB SSD, and 5 dedicated IPs.
  • Advanced: $189.99/mo with 32 GB RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 2 TB SSD, and 10 dedicated IPs.
  • Elite: $259.99/mo with 64 GB RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB SSD RAID, and 15 dedicated IPs.
  • CC-1000: $439.99/mo with 128 GB RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB NVMe SSD m.2, RAID 1 software, and 15 free IPs.
  • CC-2000: $539.99/mo with 192 GB RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 2 TB NVMe SSD m.2, RAID 1 software, and 15 free IPs.

Bare Metal:

inmotion bare metal pricing
  • Essential: $99.99/mo with 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB SSD, and 5 dedicated IPs.
  • Advanced: $149.99/mo with 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 2 TB SSD, and 10 dedicated IPs.
  • Elite: $219.99/mo with 64 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB SSD RAID, and 15 dedicated IPs.
  • CC-1000: $399.99/mo with 128 GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 1 TB NVMe SSD m.2, RAID 1 software, and 15 free IPs. Also includes free 100 GB backup storage.
  • CC-2000: $499.99/mo with 192 GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 1 Gbps bandwidth, 2 TB NVMe SSD m.2, RAID 1 software, and 15 free IPs. Also includes free 100 GB backup storage.


No matter how critical applications you want to host or the storage capacity you need, the HostPalace Dedicated server has it all. The servers are built on Dell and HP to make your site load ultra-fast with zero downtime.

Why Choose HostPalace?

  • Full root access allows reboot, reinstall OS, power cycle, monitor resource usage, and more.
  • With the KVM console, you can troubleshoot software issues anytime.
  • Auto-installation of operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and more.
  • Managed server with RAID 10 and Cloud SATA is also available.
  • Friendly and real-time support.


EU-Dedicated offers premium Netherlands Dedicated servers in global locations, including Amsterdam & Germany. You get better speed and search engine optimization with any of the best affordable dedicated servers in the Netherlands. If you are unhappy with the standard servers, you can contact the support team for your specific needs.

Why Choose EU-Dedicated?

  • Equipped with hardware from top-most brands like EvoSwitch, EUNetworks, and GreenHouse Data Centers.
  • Robust connectivity and reliable uptime with HP and Dell bare metal server on their Netherlands dedicated server
  • Advanced infrastructure with Tier III data center.
  • A Control panel with full root access allows you to manage OS, traffic, RDNS, and more.
  • Servers are pre-configured and ready in just 48 hours. Custom servers can take up to 3 days.


When hosting your website with your CtrlServers, you can expect optimum performance with Intel Xeon processors. All the servers are reliable and housed in the EvoSwitch data center in Amsterdam, offering robust internet connectivity.

Why Choose CtrlServers?

  • AMS-IX, NL-IX, and others offer fast connections ensuring low latency and high bandwidth.
  • Their dedicated servers are backed by SLA for hardware-related issues, and expert engineers are available 24/7.
  • 1 IPv4 address, IPMI access, and 10TB traffic per month are included with every server.
  • Upgrade the traffic/ bandwidth up to 250 TB.
  • Order gets delivered quickly with set up time up to 48 hours and custom set up up to 5 working days.


Worldstream offers world-class customized Dedicated servers housed in their own data center in the Netherlands. All the servers are backed by 10Tbit/s and around-the-clock technical support. A 40Gbit/s DDoS is also inclusive of all the servers.

Why Choose Worldstream?

  • 10 Tbit/s of high bandwidth available with only 45% utilization.
  • Ultra-low latency Network ensures sufficient bandwidth during outages and failovers.
  • End-to-end infrastructure speed of 100 Gbit/s.
  • Multi-path redundancy guarantees 100% network availability.
  • You can email, call, or chat with the support team during office hours for any questions.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A Netherlands dedicated server is different from a shared hosting server that is located in the Netherlands. When you buy a dedicated server, you don’t share the space with other websites while you only get a Netherlands server IP in the shared hosting plan.

You get to use a complete server for your own websites. Your website will never be affected even with a surge in traffic.

Since you have complete bandwidth usage freedom, your site’s page load times will increase. This means your customers will stay for more time on your site.

Dedicated servers are not as cheap as Shared and VPS hosting. But with my research into dedicated hosting, you can access affordable dedicated servers.

The list is curated, considering the features and pricing of each dedicated hosting company.

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Conclusion – Best Dedicated Servers in the Netherlands

Now you know which Netherlands dedicated server hosting to choose for your next online project. I have used several hosting plans from Contabo, Redswitches, and Hostgator. You can go ahead with any of these Netherlands servers and go ahead with your product development. In the Netherlands, Amsterdam dedicated servers are the best.

There are numerous cheap Netherlands dedicated servers in the Netherlands, I have listed the reliable ones in this list.