Best Influencity Alternatives and Competitors

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When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s important to have a platform that fits your needs and budget. While Influencity may be a comprehensive and appealing option, there could be other alternatives out there that better suit your specific needs.

Some reasons to consider looking for alternatives to Influencity could include the desire for more specialized features, a need for a lower price point, or the potential for better customer support. It’s important to do research and compare different options before committing to a platform. Some potential Influencity alternatives you can consider for your brand marketing campaign are listed below. Each of these platforms offers its own unique features and pricing plans, so it’s worth exploring what they have to offer in comparison to Influencity.

Top 10 Influencity Alternatives of 2024

1. Post For Rent

post for rent influencer marketing

A revolutionary influencer marketing network, Post For Rent, links individuals and companies for quick and practical cooperation. The site is a straightforward and practical approach for influencers to collaborate with businesses and earn money.

For brands, agencies, and talent managers alike, Post for Rent offers an all-in-one solution to handle the campaign’s whole, from influencer identification to payments and campaign statistics.

With the use of its analytics tool enables customers to get precise and analytical data on the follower base, target audience, demographics, and many other topics. Users of Post For Rent may handle contract negotiations, product shipment, relationship management, payment, and comprehensive campaign reporting.

Users may maintain track of the specifics of the whole campaign with information on the postings that performed best, worst, and most effectively.

Additionally a YouTube Certified Partner, Post For Rent assists companies in managing and implementing the most effective YouTube strategies, aiding businesses in developing and monetizing their brand on YouTube.

💰 Post For Rent Pricing:

No pricing is mentioned on their website. You need to contact the sales team to get a demo and discuss the pricing.

postforrent pricing


HYPR has been acquired by Julius. Every aspect of the company process is made simpler and more automated with HYPR, an effective influencer marketing tool. The platform was created by marketers for marketers, assisting them with influencer analysis, payments, simple search, discovery, and comprehensive reporting and measurement. 

Users may conduct thorough investigations across more than 30,000 subject categories and @handles located in more than 100 different countries. They may take advantage of HYPR’s robust feature set to access the 8000 profiles that are routinely added. Additionally, the program has an anti-fraud suite supported by audience-based health score which is there in every feature list of Influencity alternatives.

Hence assisting professionals in removing undesirable, fake, or inactive viewers. The influencer-specific data fields provided by HYPR include metrics like files, quantity, text, selection, and more.

Through the program, business owners may contact the selected influencers or their managers directly and get updates through email from the other side.

An activation dashboard makes it easier to switch between the progress and communication tabs, track replies, and monitor influencer data (follow rates, CPC, engagement rates, and more).

Additional crucial features include auto reminders, ROI analyzers, creator-level note generation, and seamless payment method compatibility across 100+ countries.

3. Linqia

linqia influencer marketing

This influencer marketing tool called Linqia allows businesses to provide assured influencer ROI. The platform’s key feature is that it recognizes users’ particular wants and objectives and assists them in creating a tailored program that meets their requirements.

To ascertain how the developed campaigns fit into their marketing strategy, Linqia offers its customers teams of creative and influencer marketing professionals. 

Linqia has a built-in proprietary AI that searches through material from more than 500,000 influencers to select the best one. Users spend much less time and get all the labor completed by Linqia.

It allows businesses to successfully manage their campaigns and aids in creating influencer strategies with original idea development just like other Influencity alternatives. Beyond likes and client involvement, the platform enables users to gauge the ads’ actual commercial effect.

It provides closed-loop measures with sales and brand lift studies that assist businesses in determining the value of specific campaigns.

💰 Linqia Pricing:

You can request for a demo by filling up the form as there is no direct pricing mentioned on Linqia’s official website.

linquia pricing

4. Klear

klear easy influencer marketing platform

Klear is a top influencer marketing platform designed to boost your social media development by using influencer marketing rather than traditional advertising.

Finding the best influencer for your company, learning about and evaluating their reach and engagement, administering your influencer programs, interacting with the audience, and tracking the expansion of your influencer programs are all made easier with its assistance. 

According to their target market and brand values, Klear pairs the brand with the most appropriate influencer. Based on its advanced capabilities, it encourages segmented creative discovery and guarantees that you work with the most influential influencer following your needs.

Users can browse through a variety of profiles to pick the one that is most appropriate for their business. 

It features a feature called FakeSpot Technology that protects users from dishonest customers with bogus interaction rates or followers generated by bots.

Furthermore, it centralizes all influencer communications. In addition to offering a free sample, Klear offers information that makes it the ideal platform for all kinds of online enterprises.

💰 Klear Pricing:

Klear does not mention any pricing, but you can schedule a demo by entering simple details.

klear pricing schedule a demo

5. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor all in one influencer marketing tool

The platform offers industry-recognized statistics and insights to help users succeed in influencer marketing. The platform provides companies and agencies with cutting-edge ways to maximize the impact of influencer handles.

Influencer Discovery enabled consumers to locate the top influencers. To make influencer marketing transparent, equitable, and practical, the platform establishes a standard for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok account metrics.

Users may utilize a series of filters to narrow down the list of over 12 million profiles on Hype Auditor to locate the most incredible Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube profile match.

Users will get in-depth analytical reports for advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok based on over 35 parameters, including audience geography, authenticity and reach the age-gender split, and overall audience quality.

The platform enables users to compare artists, assess Instagram growth, and monitor influencer marketing campaign effectiveness. With AI-powered influencer marketing solutions from them, you may link consumers with influencers who naturally interact with their followers.

6. Upfluence

Upfluence Influencer Marketing Suite

Upfluence specifically assists eCommerce shop owners in increasing their sales. Users of the program get access to more than 4 million influencer profiles on various social media networks. They may filter search results to discover the best influencer for their planned efforts.

Additionally, businesses may utilize the platform to find natural influencers among the visitors to their website and clientele. eCommerce companies can gather, analyze, and use the social data of their customers in their affiliate marketing activities. 

Users can access the essential AI-powered tools for sending in-app emails, updating briefs, managing negotiations, payments, etc., inside a single gateway with the configurable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard. Additionally, this program allows customers to make wiser decisions and increase their ROI.

💰 Upfluence Pricing:

upfluence pricing


grin best creator management platform

GRIN is yet another name in the list of the top Influencity alternatives and a cutting-edge approach to influencer marketing for businesses. You may use the tool to find influencers, manage interactions, and periodically check engagement numbers. The tools allow brands to carry out in-depth searches across a network of 32M social media influencers and find the finest among them. With this specific approach, managing marketing daily becomes simple.

In addition to distributing things to influencers, brands may more efficiently send emails to them and reuse the material. 

Within this influencer marketing software, you may measure campaign-based accomplishments based on various factors, including budget, revenue, media value, and more. The influencer marketing tool also makes handling payments a simple affair.

Because it can handle payments on the brand’s behalf, the enterprise may see the history of escalated charges and instantly assess its ROI. It actively integrates with several platforms used in the eCommerce sector.

💰 Grin Pricing:

grin pricing demo

8. Socialfaim

socialfaim best influencity alternatives

A data-driven marketing tool called Socialfaim aids influencers in connecting with their intended audience. Brands may check the influencer’s reach across numerous social media channels with this program.

Additionally, it may optimize ROI for your marketing strategy for a greater real-time reach. The program includes a powerful influencer marketing tool that uses machine learning algorithms to propose the top influencers that would work best for a specific company. 

You may use Socialfaim to compute the desired age group and gender proportion and obtain a detailed statistics report on the influencer’s audience. Additionally, you may split up your audience report to get more accurate information.

The software provides real-time analytics and KPIs, such as earned media value (EMV) and demographic information for the current campaign, that help control influencer reviews on social media.

💰 Socialfaim Pricing:

socialfaim pricing

9. Collabstr

collabstr fire and hire influencers

On the site Collabstr, marketers may publish a collab and get in touch with the appropriate influencers. The tool helps marketers find the best influencers more quickly. Payment is only safely sent after evaluating the influencer’s work and approval of the material.

Before choosing an influencer, users may check and assess their metrics. They may monitor the collaboration’s effectiveness, reach, and level of involvement. Influencers may apply to the partnership with their anticipated price, saving businesses time on negotiations. 

Collabstr’s talking feature makes it simple for marketers to contact influencers. Each influencer is screened before joining the platform and has given their consent. As a result, the companies would only collaborate with reputable, skilled, and enthusiastic individuals.

Brands can pay a one-time, unlimited fee or choose managed collaborations, which come with a personal account manager. They may choose the package that best suits their requirements.


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While influencer are on a constant search of good sponsors for their TikTok or Youtube channel, brands also seek good influencers to collaborate with. Above listed alternatives are good way to find and collaborate with influencers for the brands.