Complete Push Notification Ads Guide For Advertisers In 2024

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complete push ads guide

There are several ad formats for advertisers to get the word out about their product/service. You (as an advertiser or media buyer) can use mind-boggling ad formats to reach a global audience or target a specific region. Whereas, publishers can monetize their channel using high-converting ad formats to boost their income.

One such modern ad format that converts really well is Push notification ads. So why is push ads notification a hot ad format?

Let us learn more about this amazing ad format and how it is a profitable ad format for advertisers.

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What are Push Ads?

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Push Ads are nothing different than a messenger/whatsapp notification on your mobile or laptop browser. It contains the title, description and a banner image along with a tracking link.

Due to its simple nature of appearance, it converts well and is mostly used in the affiliate marketing industry.

Push ads usually appear on the bottom of the computer screen and on the top of the mobile screen. It, therefore, doesn’t distract users from their ongoing activity. 

Users can either click on the ad notification or simply ignore it by closing the notification. But, due to the simplicity, push ads don’t get ignored easily. It, therefore, converts really well.

Push ads work on any device. May it be a desktop, mobile, tablet, or laptop – every device is supported.

Do you want to skyrocket your sales with push ads notification?

Read this guide, and you will learn everything you need to know about how this ad format works.

What are the different types of push notifications?

As said earlier, push notifications work on any device. Here are some varieties of push notifications. So next time you see an ad like this, you will know that it’s a push notification.

Web Push: Web push notifications can be sent by browser subscription and are used by industry giants.

In-app: These kinds of push notifications are sent by news websites or social media networks. Users receive push notifications and alerts on product updates, trending news, etc. Such push notifications are sent only to existing customers as by default they get opt-in to receive push messages.

In-page push: This is the latest technology trend in push notifications. Advertisers can now target iOS users which were not possible before.

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So what does push notification look like?

A push notification mainly consists of a headline, text, and an image with an icon elaborating the message in short. This is how a push notification is displayed on a desktop. 


For a mobile device, the notification is sent without an image. So, when a user clicks on the notification, the image expands.

In the next section of the Push ads guide, we’ll talk about the verticals, and targeting options.

Which Verticals Are Best For Push Ads?


Push ads notification works best for affiliate marketing and we all know affiliate marketing is hot. There are plenty of affiliate marketing verticals to make money online. 

Complete Push Notification Ads Guide For Advertisers In [year]

Before sending push notifications, you should analyze your target audience. Who is your audience? What does your audience need? Also, check the average CPC bids and Average CTR for the regions that you’re planning to target.

Why do they need it?

If you have answers to these questions, it means you know which vertical to pick.

The best way to monetize with push notifications is to solve a problem. If you can convey to users a solution to a problem, you can win their hearts.

Below are some high-converting verticals that perform outstanding via push notifications:

  • Dating: Online matchmaking is becoming more and more popular. Finding a life partner online is becoming a trend.
  • Finance: Money-making tips, credit cards, insurance policies, sweepstakes, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing always work well.
  • Security: Who doesn’t want to protect their home and device from unwanted threats & vulnerabilities? Deals on Antivirus, VPNs, and app cleaners work wonders.
  • Health & Beauty: Similar organic & natural products can easily attract consumers. 
  • iGaming: The online gambling industry is evolving fast and therefore this vertical is a lucrative one. For iGaming offers, you should sign up on AdsEmpire which is known for providing high-converting iGaming offers.

Note: Please do not run ads for products if you are not sure about their legalities. Your ads might get banned.

Which Targeting Options Are Available?

Complete Push Notification Ads Guide For Advertisers In [year]

Campaign Targeting in Traffic Nomads

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Campaign Targeting in PropellerAds Adv platform

The better you target your audience, the better results you can expect. You can characterize your push ads by:

Country: Certain ads work better only for a specific country. You can even exclude countries. Let’s say you run an ad campaign for gambling. In this case, you should exclude Muslim countries as Gambling is illegal in those countries.

City and Region: This option is useful when you want to run a specific discount offer on certain products. If you know your premium customers, you can easily target them by city and region. Let’s say you have data on people who are overweight in a certain city or region. Here, you can target people in those areas with health offers.

Device: You cannot assume how your ads will perform on any particular device. It is therefore recommended to run two different campaigns for two different devices. Later, you can analyze your ad campaign by filtering device type.

OS & Browser: It is a good strategy to optimize your ads for different Operating systems and browser versions. Browser Language is another factor to be considered. India is a country with many states and languages. If you target an audience in their local language, you will see great results. You can save your ad spend and only pay for impressions that bring you the right results.

Other targeting factors such as Carrier, ISP, Connection type, Traffic sources, campaign schedule, and audience activity are also important.

How To Run A Successful Push Ads Campaign?

Complete Push Notification Ads Guide For Advertisers In [year]

So this guide would be incomplete if I don’t share useful tips on running a successful ad campaign. Here’s the breakdown of the same.

  • Prepare at least 5-10 ad creatives to analyze which one brings out the best results. It is a good practice to keep changing the creatives for better results.
  • Make use of the push ads spy tools to spy on your competitor’s winning ads. But do not simply copy the images as many are using the same images. Doing so will hurt your ad impressions. You only need to spy to learn how your competitor ads are performing.
  • A/B testing of ad creatives will help you keep the best ad creatives running and stop the low-performing ad creatives.
  • Test your creatives with direct links and pre-landing pages. This is possible if the push ads network you have chosen provides you with this feature.
  • If you have no idea where to start, you can directly reach out to your support manager. Every push ads network assigns a dedicated manager to help you from scratch.
  • Set up the right CPA, click limits, and automated rules, and use all the advanced targeting features provided by your push ads network.

Push Notification ad Examples for Inspiration

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Push Ads Pros and Cons


  • Unlike other ad formats that force users to view them, Push is voluntary. So users who agree to receive push notifications are the interested ones.
  • Other ad formats don’t provide real value, but push ads provide real data of real people.
  • Push ads cannot be ignored easily due to their simple appearance. On the desktop, it appears in the bottom corner. On mobile devices, it appears as a pop-up. Because of less negligence, push ads fail delivery rate is minimal.
  • With so many targeting options, you can segment your audience and save your ad spend.
  • Push ads work only for specific verticals, so it’s an easy choice.
  • With the CPC model, you only have to pay for clicks and not impressions.
  • The minimum deposit for advertisers is $100 which makes it an affordable ad format.
  • You can even run adult ads using push notifications which isn’t possible with Facebook or Instagram ads. This means your ads won’t be banned, and you have a wide pool of lucrative offers.
  • Not only verticals but Push ads also allow GEO targeting. You can run ads in over 200+ countries worldwide.


  • Push ads don’t work on iOS. This was true until in-page push technology arrived. The in-page push notifications work on iOS devices, but this technology is provided only by a few push ads networks.
  • Targeting options are there, but advanced targeting options such as demographic or interest is unavailable.
  • Push ads don’t work like SEO where users search for the product directly on Google. Users show interest, but can’t guarantee action on it. It is better to create lucrative landing pages.
  • Multiple ad creatives are required so users don’t get bored with the usual ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which devices do push notification support?

Push ads are displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. The only difference is that on a desktop, the image appears to be large, whereas, on mobile, it appears only after clicking the notification.

Can I run adult ads via push notifications?

This mainly depends on the push ads network you choose. If your push ads network supports adult ads, you can run adult ad campaigns. Top adult ad networks that support push notifications include, RichAds, TrafficStars, Clickadu, and more.

Can I run push notifications on iOS?

Previously it wasn’t possible to run push ads on iOS devices. You can now take a sigh of relief with in-page push ads that display ads on iOS devices too.

What are the top verticals for push ads?

Gambling, Nutra, Antivirus, eCommerce, and Sweepstakes, are the top converting verticals that you can target for push ads.

What is the minimum budget to run push ads?

The average minimum budget for advertisers after joining a push ads network is just $100. The minimum CPC depends on the offer you choose to run in a country. 

Conclusion: Are Push Ads Profitable?

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Push ads notification cannot be ignored and are therefore used by big industry giants like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

They are the best way to keep customers updated with the latest product launches and industry insights.

I hope this Push ads guide would help you run a successful ad campaign and soar profits.