How to run Push Notification Ads Campaign in ClickAdu Platform?

We both have heard of ClickAdu before, and in this video, I explore how to set up your first push ads campaign as an advertiser

We all receive push notifications in our smartphones. That is an excellent opportunity as an advertiser because that’s one of the highest converting ad-format. 

Out of several push notification ad networks, Clickadu is one of the top self-serve platforms. Lets talk about ClickAdu’s website. 

Let’s start as an Advertiser on ClickAdu now.

You can fill up your information based on the type of account. Individual or Comapny. 

I chose Individual and filled up my details. First name, last name, Country, city, address, and the contact information.

After you do that, you need to explain details of your campaign. 

Next, you can add a Bonus code if you have.

You can use my exclusive promo code. 


Get a $20 bonus for the first deposit of $100, or more

Get a 10% bonus for the first deposit of $300, or more

Check both consent boxes, verify the captcha and click on Signup button.

Once I hit the signup, it only asks my to activate my account with the activation link sent to my inbox.

Here’s the activation link.

Clicking that, I land to the screen where I need to set a strong password. 

You will have to make a strong password and ensure you remember it (or use tools like Lastpass or Keeper security) to save your passwords.

Once done, the dashboard looks like this. Currently, my account status is “In Review”. It takes 1 day for moderation. 

While we wait for the profile review, let’s take a look at the funding process. 

You can see your current account balance on the top of the screen.

When you click it or choose “Add Funds” menu on the left sidebar, you will see this Add Funds page. 

You have the option to choose from multiple payment methods. These are 

  • Bank Card
  • Bank Card 2
  • PayPal
  • PayPal One Click
  • WebMonth for EURO currency transactions
  • And Paxum

Choose your preferred one. I choose the first one.

Input the amount that you want to add to your account balance. For the testing time, you can setup according to the scale and type of your campaign.

For general campaign testing, you can add anywhere around $100 to a $1000.

There is 3.85% fee on this payment method. 

Click on I agree with the terms and conditions and Click on Pay $1000

Complete the process and authorize the payment. Once you authorize the payment, you will see the balance in your account. 

I checked my account the next day, and here’s my account status. It is Accepted. 

So, now I am all set to launch my test campaign. 

The $100 balance is also there in my Clickadu advertiser account. 

Now, head to the main part, Create Campaign.

It loads the campaign creation wizard. Does not take much.

Now, Here are 4 mazor tabs in the Campaign Creation Wizard. 

In the General tab, we will set up the general information about the campaign. Its type, verticals, name, ad creatives etc.

In the Pricings tab, we setup budget and bidding.

Targeting goes for geos, devices and interest targeting.

Zones & Additional tab is for advanced media buyers to further target your campaign.

Get back to the General Tab.

Here, you can name your campaign. This will help you find and filter the campaign in the future.

Choose your preferred ad format. I will choose Push-notification. 

Choose the feed. Main, Adult or All.

Next, choose the Vertical. 

So, there are several verticals to choose from. I chose Content because this is like my content marketing campaign. You can choose based on your campaign type or offer category.

The important part of the campaign setup is your Target URL. This is your landing page URL.

You can either put the URL directly or generate one from your tracking systems like bemob, redtrack or voluum.

You can also add URL parameters by clicking on these.

User Activity. 

Now here, Clickadu advertising platform has already identified and categorized the audience based on their activity. You can include or exclude High, Medium, Low, or Remnantly active audience.

You can see it here. I have excluded audiences with low activity.

Clickadu has integrated standard push ads with in-page push ads. 

So, you can run in-page push ads also just by clicking the first option “Allow InPage Push Traffic”. 

If you want to exclusively run in-page push, choose the check the second checkbox as well.

Here comes the most exciting part of your campaign creation. 

Yes, it is Creative settings. 

You will probably need an ad copywriter if you have not written any advertising copy before.

There are many AI copywriting tools also, that you can take help from. My personal favorite is Jasper.

Ensure your ad copy is within the allowed character limit for the Title and Description.

Clicking this help icon is more useful before uploading the icon and creative. You can see the supported resolution and file extension.

After upload, you may have to zoom out and crop the image. Here’s how I did it.

At this stage, I am able to see a good preview of my push notification ad. Default is Windows device preview.

I can also change these tabs to see preview in different devices.

This is Mac OS preview.

And here’s how my ad will look in Android devices.

I also need to upload a creative banner for the ad. The accepted dimension is 358×178 pixels.

Likewise, I need to zoom out with the scrollbar.

Zoom out and make it fit inside the viewport.

Click crop to select the uploaded image as creative.

Here’s my perfect looking ad.

Let’s move on to the next step now.

It takes me to the second tab, Pricings.

This is a crucial step where you decide and setup how much would you pay for this campaign. 

The bidding strategy is the first element. You can choose from 

CPC, SmartCPM, SmartCPA and CPM methods. 

I will suggest you to make 4 campaigns with each pricing methods and scale the one that works best for you. 

CPC is also a good choice for the test campaign.

Next, choose your target country. Your cost per click will depend on the country you will target here. 

You can choose multiple or a single one as well.

I am choosing India.

When I choose the country, it automatically suggests me the minimum CPC rate.

You can start from the minimum. The concept is – You start with the least. If you do not get clicks or there is very low CTR, increase it slowly.

Frequency is yet another important aspect of any advertising format. You can Setup User-based frequency cap.

Or device based frequency cap.

Or IP based frequency capping.

User based frequency capping is best. However, I will choose “No capping” for impressions.

This make sure that until the user clicks on my ad, the system can send the same ad to same user multiple times.

I have chosen the default click capping. One user can click maximum 3 times on my ad within 24 hours. You can customize.

Moving further, Advertising budget needs to be defined. 

I have set it for $10 daily

The total I am willing to spend is $100

Now, you need to choose wisely. Make sure the total budget is less than the amount of your available funds inside the dashboard. (This basically avoids ads getting paused due to insufficient balance).

For a creative testing, you need to set up a Test budget also. I will set $10 test budget and click on Next Step.

The next tab is Targeting. You have to be clear about the targeting – way before you set up your campaign in any ad network.

The available targeting options are 

Operating system type and versions

Device Types, vendors, modes

Mobile ISP – You can also target specific mobile networks

Browsers and browser language can also be targeted

States and cities

Once you configure the targeting, choose Proxy or non-proxy targeting. 

In this campaign, I have not setup any specific targeting because this is a test campaign. Once I gather enough data, I can determine about the top performing combination and optimize my campaign. 

(I suggest this only when you have enough money to spend on testing).

Click Next Step when ready.

Zones & Additional is very underrated, yet most important factor of making your ads rock the ROI.

You can include specific zones and setup IP limitations. If you have a list of IP to block, you can exclude them. 

Here comes my favorite part of campaign setup – that is Campaign Schedule. 

Though you can setup the campaign without setting this up, but making a wise of it can turn the tables for you.

When you click show, it opens the schedule like this. 

Default setup of the campaign is set to ALL.

Which means that the ads will show at all days, all times. There is no specific delivery schedule of your ads.

You must thank me if you never used this feature before. 

You can click on the days to disable showing ads on those days. For example, Mondays and Tuesday are the most busy days for professionals. I can opt to not show ads on these days.

Another good idea of an entertainment campaign is to disable delivery of ads from 5AM to 9PM from Monday to Tuesday. 

The idea behind this is to deliver ads only in the late night hours. All times on weekends. 

Guys, let me know in the comments if you like this idea.

For an aggressively adult niche or dating campaign, you must show ads only in the night time.

If you’re setting up a campaign for a later date, you can set the start date and end date.

Delivery method is important to understand. 

If you want to use your budget wisely, you should use distributed. However, if you’ve a lot of budget and want the budget to be consumed as soon as possible, choose standard.

Standard will consume daily budget fast and may leave rest of the day with no ad delivery.

Distributed method will make sure that the ads are distributed equally for the whole day.

Additional options, where you can choose to get traffic from anti-adblock zones and RTB sources.

Once ready, you click on Start campaign.

But it does not happen because I missed this important declaration. 

Just check this box.

And click Start Campaign.

Whoa! We’ve setup the campaign Successfully. 

You can see that my campaign status is “moderation” for now. The moderation process will take a moment.

I got this email when my campaign got approved.

I am checking this after many many days. And here’s my campaign performance. 

You can see, I got 14442 clicks for just $14.489.

Comment down and tell me if this is a great number or not. 

You can now see conversions of your campaigns, and analyze it to optimize it further for the best results. 

Do not forget to use my Promo code while signing up to get the bonus. 


Get a $20 bonus for the first deposit of $100, or more

Get a 10% bonus for the first deposit of $300, or more

Let me quickly summarize the pros and cons of Clickadu advertising platform for push and in-page push ads. 

  • The signup process was smooth
  • The approval was quick
  • Campaign setup is also well-guided
  • I feel that improvements can be made inside the process
  • The audience segmentation and the retargeting option is missing
  • The account funding process is also easy

Overall, ClickAdu is a great traffic source for mainstream traffic. 

You will definitely need good copywriting skills to improve CTR of your ads and make more money from media buying.

So, guys, this was all from my side about ClickAdu’s publisher platform.