Clickadu Review: Reviews & Ratings 2023 – Paying or Scam?

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There are different ways to make money online. The smartest way considered for publishers is running automated ads. So, here’s Clickadu review, a premium ad network for both desktop and mobile channels. 

Let us learn more about Clickadu which has helped thousands of publishers monetize their traffic.

Clickadu Review: Introduction

clickadu review homepage

Clickadu is an excellent revenue maximization platform for publishers and advertisers. With over 4Billion + daily impressions, and 3.6 Million daily conversions, Clickadu is an aspiring ad network for many.

For Publishers:

Ad Network:Clickadu
Commission type:CPM
Payment Threshold:$10 – $1000
Payment Frequency:Net-15
Available Payment Methods:PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Payoneer, ePayments, Wire Transfer
Referral Commission5%
Contact Details:Support (
Joining Link (aff):

For Advertisers:

Ad Network:Clickadu
Advertising formats:Push, Popunder, Video, Banner, SKIM, Instant Text Message
Cost:CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, RTB
Minimum Topup:$100
Available Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
Top VerticalsTools & Utilities, Push subscriptions, Gambling & Betting, Nutra, Finance Apps, Games, Sweepstakes, Dating, Shopping
Daily Impressions4 billion
Joining Link (aff):!/auth/signup/

Clickadu Review – Ad Formats

You will love working with Clickadu as a publisher to monetize your blog with a manifold of advertising formats. Take a look at these mesmerizing ad formats:

Banner Ads:

This type of ad format is the most popular and traditional. It is loved by Google and is available in two sizes 300×250 and 300×100. They provide 100% fill rate and high CPM rates.


Pop ads are becoming more and more popular because of their no ignorance feature. Upon clicking, the ads open under the main window or tab and get the user’s attention when the main tab or browser is closed.

Push Notifications:

Push notification ad formats are becoming more and more popular. This is because even if the audience does not browse your website, they would still receive an ad notification. But this only happens after your audience has agreed to subscribe to the push notifications.

InPage Push:

This is another kind of push ad format that appears on publishers’ websites when users are actively browsing. The fill rate and reach are high as it doesn’t require a user subscription. 

Instant Text Message:

If your site receives more mobile users, then instant text messages are for you. Upon the touch of the screen, the user receives a message that is compatible and Google-friendly.

Video Pre-Roll:

This works on both mobile and desktop. It operates with IAB VAST 3.0 protocol and is supported by JS and HTML players. Supported video formats include MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and FLV.


SKIM is a unique ad format that appears to the user when clicking on a site element. This ad format has a better CPM rate and higher conversions.

Why Should You Join Clickadu?

As a publisher or an advertiser, there is always a sense of concern when joining any ad network. Is the network safe, and whether they have a good support team? 

The answer to all your concerns when joining Clickadu is a big Yes. There are some more reasons to join Clickadu. 

Self-serve platform:

Clickadu is a self-serve advertising platform with complete transparency and automation. 

Fraud Detection:

Advertisers can save their spending with machine learning algorithms to filter bots and fraudulent activities. 

Varied ad formats:

There is a manifold of ad formats to choose from with a high fill rate and conversions.

Fast approval:

You won’t have to wait too long for campaign approval. Launching your campaign is easy one click away from moderation. 

Popular Payment Methods:

Advertisers can pay for their ad spend via multiple payment methods and publishers can get their payouts via widely used payment methods.


For any ad network, it is important to resolve advertisers’ and publishers’ issues. A well-behaved and qualified support team is what Clickadu has for everyone.

How To Join Clickadu as a Publisher?

As a publisher, you can monetize your site traffic by taking advantage of Clickadu’s various ad formats. Follow the steps to join Clickadu as a publisher:

Step 1: Visit Clickadu official website and click on Register at the top right corner. 

clickadu publisher signup step1

Step 2: To sign up as a publisher, choose the Account Type as Publisher. Click on Register and fill in the required details.

clickadu publisher signup step2

Step 3: In the Account type information, choose whether you are an individual or a company. Enter your first name, last name, choose your country, and enter your city and address.

clickadu publisher signup step3

In the contact information, enter your email address, Skype name, and website name, and choose site traffic. Click on the Sign up button.

Step 4: Now check your email for an approval letter. If not in the inbox, check your spam folder.

clickadu publisher signup step4

Step 5: You need to activate your Clickadu account by clicking the Account button in the email received.

You now have to go to Sites and zones and add your website.

clickadu publisher signup step5

Step 6: You will be redirected to a new screen to log into your Clickadu account. The username would be your email address and password as given in your email.

clickadu publisher signup step6

Step 7: You can click on Learn more or Try It Now for banner ads. Or you can simply explore your Clickadu dashboard.

clickadu publisher signup step7

Step 8: Simply close the pop-up and complete the most important step. You need to add the meta tag to your website to prove site ownership.

Copy the HTML code and paste it into the header.php of your website.

Step 9: Once you have done that, come back again to the Clickadu account dashboard. Now click on prove ownership.

clickadu publisher signup step8and9

Step 10: You have done the site verification and will see a message appearing on the screen. Your site will be reviewed and once approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

clickadu publisher signup step10

You can explore your Clickadu dashboard. Clickadu offers a 5% referral commission for every new publisher you refer. 

Clickadu Review: Clickadu Pros and Cons


  • Self-serve ad network.
  • Multiple ad formats for monetization.
  • Safe ads with bot filters.
  • High CPM rates and automated payouts.
  • Referral program to earn lifetime commissions on referred publisher’s earnings.
  • Easy to join and verify ownership.


  • Site ownership requires a technical step for adding a meta-tag to your website. If you are not tech-savvy, you will have to ask someone to do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Clickadu Review

What is Clickadu ad network?
Clickadu is a fantastic ad network with billions of impressions generated each day. With the ever-growing demand of publishers looking for the best monetization ad formats, Clickadu now has 7 ad formats.

Is legit?
Clickadu is one of the best and legit ad networks for publishers & advertisers. The support team is very professional and a dedicated affiliate manager is always on your side.

What is Clickadu CPM rate?
Joining Clickadu is a fast & quick process. You can sign up and verify your site ownership. The CPM rate depends on the geo, targeting, and several other factors.

What is ClickAdu login and Signup URL?
Clickadu has a very intuitive where you can signup using the below link –!/auth/signup/

My Verdict – Clickadu Review

I would personally recommend Clickadu to all the publishers because of its automated payouts and multiple ad formats.

The interface is clean and easy to use and you can learn more about the usage of different ad formats.