Best Shared Proxies With Unlimited IP Connections In 2024

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The best-shared proxies are used by several clients at the same time. It can help you scrape websites or unblock restricted sites in some countries. The best-shared proxies are cheap, which is why many people choose them. Shared proxies could work well for you if you only have a small or medium-scale business.

Let’s look at our list of the best companies that offer shared proxies, but before that, it is important to know how to select the best-shared proxies. 

LogoProxy ProviderStarting PriceLocations Covered
bright data logoBright Data Starts at $10.50/GB195 countries
Proxy Seller Logo mainProxySellerStarts at $7/mo220 + locations
smartproxy icon squareSmartproxyStarts $8.5 per GB195+ locations
privateproxy me logoPrivateProxyStarts at $5/mo5 Countries
astroproxy logoAstroProxyStarts at $7.3/mo100+ countries
proxy n vpn logoProxy-n-VPNStarts at $11/mo3 countries
sslprivateproxy logoSSLPrivateProxyStarts at $11.10/mo7 countries
Oxylabs icon mainOxylabsStarts at $180/mo188+ locations
NetNut logo mainNetnutStarts at $15/GB50 + Countries
the social proxy logoThe Social ProxyStarts at €20 / 2 days6

List of 10 Best Shared Proxies With Unlimited IP Connections

Bright Data is the best-shared proxy provider in the world. They advertise themself as the most powerful open-source proxy provider that enables you to manage your proxies without coding, owing to their Proxy Platform. 

Bright Data is an enterprise-focused proxy service, and their Pay as you Go option also serves Small businesses and SMBs. They provide organizations with an automated online data collection platform to get current data-driven business insights tailored to their specific company needs.

Bright Data helps you acquire competition and market research data, allowing you to make data-driven brand awareness and protection decisions. 

bright data shared proxies
Bright Data New Residential Proxy Pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: Mobile. Residential, Static Residential, and Datacenter
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 81,000,000+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential proxies ($10.50/GB)
  • Proxy types: Mobile, Residential, Static residential, datacenter

Pros & Cons of Bright Data:


  • Responsible data collection
  • Next-gen proprietary technology
  • Flexible services
  • Secure login option
  • Strict KYC for the best proxies
  • Excellent customer support
  • ASN targeting
  • Large IP pool


  • A little expensive

ProxySeller service is one of the private proxies I’ve tested and found to function undetected. This business offers private proxies with low spam ratings and IP addresses. 

You may then use them to manage your eBay accounts and do minor automated chores. We recommend avoiding their use for spamming purposes, residential proxies are more acceptable.

ProxySeller’s payment method is adaptable. Either weekly or yearly proxies are available for purchase. Generally, the greater the quantity of paid proxies or length, the lower the price per proxy. 

It supports IPv6 proxies in addition to IPv4 proxies and has one of the most robust geographical support in the private proxy market.

proxy seller socks5 proxies
proxyseller residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7-days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 40 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: Undisclosed
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential Proxies ($7 per GB)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, ISP, Mobile)

Pros & Cons of ProxySeller:


  • Great speed and low ping
  • A wide variety of data centers
  • Great customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Mobile and IPv6, IPv4 proxies available
  • Very cheap proxies


  • No trial version
  • No specific proxies

Smartproxy is a reliable proxy service that provides a proxy network for anonymous surfing of the highest quality and with the quickest setup time. 

The plans are reasonably priced, the dashboard is user-friendly, and the service is available to entrepreneurs and thriving businesses. Smartproxy provides a service comparable to many of its premium rivals at a lower price as a premium proxy provider for your IP addresses with unlimited concurrent connections. 

There are several proxy types, and Smartproxy provides the best share proxies. Residential and datacenter networks are the most frequent. Smartproxy also offers Search Engine proxies, a comprehensive scraping API that incorporates a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser, in addition to other varieties.

SmartProxy Residential Proxies
Smartproxy Residential Proxy pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7 days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195+ countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 40,000,000+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $8.5 per GB
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Smartproxy:


  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Global coverage
  • Reliable and fast proxies
  • A lot of IPs


  • Slow email support
  • Only US datacenter proxies is owned and operated by Aqua Networks Limited, a London-based IT firm specializing in cloud IT services and anonymous internet proxy. 

Since its founding in 2010, the firm has serviced thousands of consumers throughout the globe. As a result of its association with an IT firm, has access to vast IP Address resource pools, allowing it to offer anonymous browsers with 100 percent clean private proxies in various locations across the globe. provides proxies with total anonymity. These HTTP/HTTPS IPv4 proxies are compatible with any program or browser that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies. 

proxyprovider homepage
privateproxy price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7 days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 4 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: not stated
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Datacenter Proxy ($9 per month)
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of PrivateProxy:


  • High-speed connection
  • Quick customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • One free proxy every month
  • Secure connection


  • Payment via Bitcoins is not accepted

AstroProxy is a versatile proxy service that provides residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies. It is one of the proxy services with Russian origins. 

This post focuses on their residential proxies, and you will discover all you need to know about this service provider.

The AstroProxy residential proxy network provides a pool of ISP proxies for marketers and people who need to conceal and replace their IP addresses. 

The service maintains a proxy pool obtained from a legitimate P2P network. They do not own the IP addresses via which they route client requests.

astroproxy homepage
astroproxy pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7 days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 100+ countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 1,000,000+ IPs
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: From $0.55 per 100 Mb
  • Proxy types: Mobile, Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of AstroProxy:


  • Free proxy test
  • Expert technical support
  • A lot of payment methods
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Dynamic IPs and sticky sessions
  • VPN-ready ports through OpenVPN


  • Unequal proxy pools in different countries

Proxy-N-VPN is an additional excellent dedicated proxy service. They provide dedicated static IP proxies, SEO tools, and social media marketing services. 

The company provides HTTP/HTTPS proxies hosted on high-performance, dedicated proxy servers. The IP addresses are not consecutive. 

They offer both shared and private proxy servers. Craigslist, Instagram, and Ticketmaster all work well with dedicated proxies.

Proxy-N-VPN, founded in 2012, is committed to protecting its consumers’ online privacy and security. They are a prominent provider of online privacy services, whether you just want to browse the web with peace of mind or enjoy highly anonymous proxy services for your business. 

proxy n vpn homepage
proxy n vpn pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: none
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 3 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 10,000+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.2
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $1.35 per month
  • Proxy types: Private, Shared.

Pros & Cons of Proxy-n-vpn:


  • Various payment options are available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Proxies are delivered instantly
  • Dedicated control panel
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • High anonymity
  • Diverse packages


  • No custom packages
  • The refund policy is not very user-friendly

SSLPrivateProxy has been one of the most significant and prestigious firms on the market for some time now. It has overwhelmingly good client evaluations, indicating that the proxy service is of excellent quality.

There are other proxy services in the market, however, SSLPrivateProxy beats them all. All of this results from the enhanced experience and flawless overall network management.

SSLPrivateProxy contains the settings necessary to ensure optimal performance while using this network’s proxies. It is an intelligent and innovative network that works on datacenter proxy servers. 

The pricing model is based on a per-proxy fee. Therefore the bandwidth is unrestricted. This network only supports the HTTPS protocol, and neither SOCKET nor SOCKET 5 is supported. 

SSLPrivateProxy homepage
sslprivateproxy shared price


  • 😊 Free Trial: none
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 7 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 120,000+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.1
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $15 per month
  • Proxy Types: Private, Shared

Pros & Cons of SSLPrivateProxy:


  • User-friendly pricing plans on the best-shared proxies
  • PayPal and credit cards are both accepted
  • Instant delivery of proxies
  • High-speed connection
  • High location availability
  • Lots of specialized packages are available


  • No trial period for buying
  • SOCKS proxies are not available

Oxylabs is one of the major suppliers of residential proxies, with more than one hundred million residential IPs distributed globally. 

It has residential proxies in all nations. They claim to have proxies in practically every significant global city, so you may request proxies from a specific location.

In addition to datacenter proxy services, Oxylabs also provides residential and AI assistance to facilitate e-commerce site navigation. 

They have used artificial intelligence to assist you in interpreting the gathered data, displaying the JavaScript on your website, and copying with anti-bot countermeasures such as CAPTCHAs.

oxylabs next gen residential proxies
Oxylabs price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7-days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 185 countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 102,367,458+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Dedicated Datacenter Proxies ($180 per month)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential

Pros & Cons of Oxylabs:


  • Great management process
  • Ethically sourced residential proxies
  • Unlimited bandwidth and domains
  • High success rate
  • Auto-retry system
  • 24/7 live support
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Too expensive for small individuals and businesses
  • High entry threshold

NetNut is an Israeli supplier of proxy services founded in 2017. It is a member of Safe-T Group, which offers cybersecurity and privacy services. 

The solutions provided by NetNut consist of rotating datacenter, residential, and ISP proxy networks. There is also a web scraping API. If you pay enough, it is included with the proxy subscriptions.

NetNut might be regarded as a premium service focusing on organizations with extensive requirements. This applies to the whole service, including customer support and price. 

This does not imply that NetNut is wholly unavailable to entry-level customers since the cheapest subscription is only $20 per month. However, at $500 or more, you’ll have a much superior experience and prices.

netnut fastest proxies
netnut rotating residential proxies


  • 😊 Free Trial: none
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 50+ countries
  • πŸ’› IP number: 5,000,000+
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 3.8
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Rotating Residential Proxy ($300 per month)
  • Proxy types: Residential

Pros & Cons of Netnut:


  • Rotating proxies
  • API for stats
  • Dedicated private pools
  • One of the fastest in the market
  • 24/7 IP available
  • Premium static IPs


  • A little expensive

The Social Proxy is an industry leader in developing and producing residential 4G proxies. The Social Proxy was created to address concerns with online identities and allow users to do complicated activities such as automation, crawling, and scraping, more securely. 

They have helped our partners achieve unparalleled success rates in their respective fields. The Social Proxy is a supplier of premium mobile proxies for social media platforms.

I initially learned about this service provider on BlackHatWorld when they began offering free review copies on the forum, and I tried out their service.

The Social Proxy is one of the providers that maintain complete control over its system since it does not use a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. 

the social proxy homepage
the social proxy price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 24 hours
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 5 (US, Germany, UK, Israel, and Austria)
  • πŸ’› IP number: Unlimited
  • πŸ‘ Trust Score: 4.6
  • 🏷️ Pricing: 90 EUR per month
  • Proxy types: Mobile

Pros & Cons of The Social Proxy:


  • Robust API
  • 4G proxies
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly secure


  • Only email support

Why Choose Shared Proxies?

Multiple users use Shared proxies at the same time. These proxies lack exclusivity since several network users share the same IP address.

Advertising Geo-Testing:

Through advertising geo-testing, it is essential to determine whether the advertisements are effective. Shared proxies may be used to assess if advertising efforts are effective in a particular area. They may also assist in determining how an advertisement appears by accessing the Internet with an IP address from a specified place.

Web scraping:

Web scraping, also known as data mining, is the automatic collection of vast quantities of data from websites. When you need to visit several websites to get voluminous amounts of data, your IP address may likely be detected and blacklisted. Websites become suspicious when an excessive number of internet requests originate from the same IP address. This is why shared proxies are helpful. They let you swap IP addresses regularly so that you may scrape without fear of being blacklisted.

High Anonymity:

Several activities are occurring on the internet. Shared proxies support a large number of concurrent users. This makes it difficult to determine who used which IP address and when. To operate anonymously online, you need to invest in the best-shared proxies.


Shared proxies are perhaps the most reasonable proxies available. However, this does not imply that they are less successful than other expensive proxies. Depending on the job, they may be pretty effective. They are perfect for projects requiring a high quantity of IP addresses. For instance, ad verification requires many IPs to check advertising from various geolocations. Shared proxies will serve effectively and affordably. They are inexpensive since the service is provided to many individuals.


Not everyone needs expensive private proxies. Occasionally, the best-shared proxies are sufficient. Therefore, before selecting a proxy type and provider, consider your tasks. It will assist you in finding the most effective option. Apart from the providers listed above, there are many more. For example, Storm proxies and IProyal.

I hope the list of Shared proxies will help you decide on the right one for your web scraping needs. If you consider my opinion, Oxylabs is one of the best Shared proxies that provides fast speed and unbreakable connection. I recommend Oxylabs but the choice is always yours.

FAQs About Shared Proxies

What are shared proxies and how do they differ from private proxies?

Shared proxies are IP addresses used simultaneously by multiple users. Unlike private proxies, which are dedicated to a single user, shared proxies offer a cost-effective solution by allowing multiple users to share the cost of the proxy service. The main difference lies in exclusivity and performance; private proxies typically offer higher speed and more privacy since they are not shared with others.

How can users mitigate the risks associated with shared proxies?

To mitigate risks, users should choose reputable proxy providers that enforce strict usage policies to prevent abuse. Regularly rotating proxies can also reduce the chance of being blacklisted.