5+ Best SimilarWeb Alternatives In 2022– Choose The Best From Free & Paid SEO Tools

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Competitive intelligence is the key to success, especially when you’re driving your business in a highly competitive environment. When it comes to online business, you can find such insights from several SaaS tools. One such tool is Similarweb. However, it is not easy for every new business to afford its premium plans. That’s the reason why I am writing this list of most affordable Similarweb alternatives in 2022.

So, if you guys are looking out for alternatives to SimilarWeb solutions due to budget or pricing issues, then you are at exactly the right place. I have handpicked this list with long research and found some really cool competitors of Similarweb. You can consider these tools as a perfect SEO tool alternative.


SimilarWeb vs SEMrush

SimilarWeb is undoubtedly a great platform that provides an easy-to-use interface to the users to get detailed business Insights, not only for their own website but also for any other website (it can be a competitor too).

Important statistics such as audience count, total traffic on the website, overall lead from both direct and indirect resources are some of the important parameters that every business should know for their brand success.

SimilarWeb vs SEMrush guide

This magnificent digital marketing tool is used by Major tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and eBay as well. However, for small and medium-level businesses, SimilarWeb is definitely the right choice. Since it provides all the detailed Insights of the ongoing digital campaigns with the paid plans only, most of the businesses find it costly for them.

You get access to tap into any website’s monthly traffic data with its chrome extension. You can install this chrome extension in your browser and it works pretty well, that too for FREE.

List of the Best SimilarWeb Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

similarweb alternatives main image

All the alternate options that we will mention below will offer all the formidable services at a low cost. So, let’s have a look at all the competitor options:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush digital marketing tool is certainly a great SimilarWeb alternative that lets you track down all the analytics and business Insights in just one click.

semrush dashboard

SEMrush marketing tool has a user base of more than 6 Million users and they are also featuring top-notch clients of the IT sector like HP and Quora. SEMrush also helps the companies in identifying their competitors and their individual marketing strategies which is an important parameter to outshine their business.

Features of SEMrush

SEMrush helps you to find out your competitor’s keywords. This tool will also offer a list of the most common keywords that your competitors are ranking for on Google.

It is a valuable tool to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting, and because you can rank for those same keywords as well. SEMrush offers a free trial if you’d like to test it before buying it.

In order to know if this keyword research tool is right for you, go through the following steps:

Step One: Search for Your Keyword

If you want to search a keyword, copy and paste it into the box on the homepage and click “SEARCH”. If you want to search a group of keywords, you can type them in the “multi-entry” box.

Step Two: Analyze Your Results

After you have searched your keyword, SEMrush will give you a list of results.

The first column is the ranking of that particular website on Google (1 being first and 100 being last), the second column is how much traffic that website is getting each month, and the third column is how much that website is spending on advertising each month. You can also see how competitive the keyword is by looking at the “Competition Level” column.

SEMrush also offers a variety of other features, such as:

  • The ability to spy on your competitors as they are ranking on Google
  • The ability to find your competitor’s backlinks and spy on their anchor text.
  • A keyword difficulty tool that calculates the competitiveness of a particular term or phrase, based on how hard it is to rank on the first page of Google
  • A site audit feature that scans a website for errors and provides suggestions on how to fix them

Overall, SEMrush is an extremely valuable tool for any business that wants to do well in online marketing. It offers a variety of features that can help you in all aspects of your marketing campaign, from research to execution.

Pros of SEMrush

  1. It helps in analyzing competitors’ online marketing strategies very easily.
  2. Provides regular updates on the latest market trends for the optimization process.
  3. Detailed Insight reports for both direct and indirect traffic sources can be viewed.
  4. An intuitive and attractive Graphic user interface.
  5. Powerful advertising toolkit feature that gives you all the relevant details of your competitor’s ongoing PPC campaigns.

Cons of SEMrush

  1. The only major drawback of SEMrush is that it only provides data and analysis for one search engine that is Google.

Pricing of SEMrush

plans pricing semrush

You can definitely consider the annual billing option. It costs less than the monthly plan and will get you a great value.

The Pro plan is enough for basic SEO intelligence where you can track the position of your keywords. Furthermore, you can keep a track of your competitor’s performance in search results. All you need to do is to add your competitor’s website as a project in your SEMrush dashboard.

Compare, analyze and build your data insights with the most reliable and powerful online marketing tool.

2. Alexa Pro

alexa website traffic details

Alexa basically focuses majorly on competitors’ websites and runs frequent checks in order to collect useful information. This information includes keywords for which they are ranking, the total number of sources generating web traffic, backlinks, etc.

Not just that, Alexa has a global and local index of websites. It ranks websites based on the volume of traffic they have. Better Alexa rank indicates more traffic coming on your website.

Just like Similarweb, Alexa too has a browser extension for chrome users. You get access to limited data analytics for each website around the globe. For every type of analysis, you can scroll to a few rows only.

Some of the benefits of using Alexa are:

  • It can help identify websites that are popular and growing in order to consider them for potential partnerships or collaborations.
  • It can also be used to monitor the competition and see how they are performing as well as get an idea of what marketing strategies they are employing.
  • Alexa offers both a global and regional perspective which is beneficial for businesses that have a worldwide or local presence and want to compare web traffic statistics.
  • It is a free service, easy to use, and requires no registration.

Pros & Cons of Alexa


  1. Alexa is a pretty useful marketing tool that is used to increase the audience count by maximizing the sources of online traffic generation.
  2. It is also very helpful in identifying those major keywords which competitors are using for their business.
  3. Alexa also has a feature to compare different website domains that provide an overview of different Analytical Insights of competitors’ websites.
  4. The graphic user interface of Alexa is also very attractive and responsive as well.


  1. The main concern with the Alexa marketing tool is that it can only track the data of those users who have installed the Alexa toolbar in their web browsers. That’s why it is considered less accurate than the SEMrush marketing tool.

3. SiteProfiler

mangools homepage

SiteProfiler is definitely an incredible substitute for Similarweb. SiteProfiler is both cost-effective and ideal for small-scale businesses.

This toolset actually contains a whole lot of features that are useful for a growing business with the latest market trends. With a single pricing plan, you get access to use a set of tools for different use cases.

While the SiteProfiler will give you a birds-eye view of the authority and traffic of any domain, SERPchecker will keep track of position changes in google for your targeted keywords.

Features of SiteProfiler

SiteProfiler is a tool for SEO professionals that provides in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP analysis.

Some of the features include getting in-depth analytics in one place, checking rankings in real-time, and backlinks as Googlebot sees them. It also includes sending alerts when competitors enter your market space with new content. The dashboard provides easy access to all these features.

Keyword Research tools are some of the most important features provided by SiteProfiler. These include getting instant suggestions, analyzing search volume data, finding new keywords with low competition, and filtering results based on your chosen niche.

Keywords are presented in detailed graphs that make it easy to spot emerging trends. The tool also helps you find keyword ideas using Google Autocomplete and Google Suggest.

There are a number of features that enable you to find the most important information about your competitors, such as their backlinks, social shares, and Google PageRank.

You can also see how many sites link to them and if those links are do-follow or no-followed based on Google’s latest update. The new Link Intersect tool only shows the new links your competitors have gotten since SiteProfiler searched for them, which can help you get an advantage over your competition.

SiteProfiler Rank Tracker is a powerful SEO rank tracking and SERP analysis tool that provides keyword rankings in real-time and alerts when they change or fall. It also includes daily email reports and competitor analysis so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Pros & Cons of SiteProfiler


  1. Featured with Site profiler option to check the high-level SEO authority of competitor’s website.
  2. SERPWatcher feature of Mangools helps the users to track down keyword rankings against their search volumes geographically for various different locations.
  3. SERPChecker helps in finding qualified potential keywords with their SEO scores to increase the traffic exponentially.
  4. Link Miner feature is also one of the best things about Mangloos that provides users a great analysis of competitor’s backlinks which is based specifically on Link Strength metric.


  1. Mangloos digital marketing software doesn’t provide possibilities of getting traffic from other major channels such as referral, social, or paid channels.

4. Serpstat

serpstat main similarweb alternative

This marketing tool is another very magnificent choice as an alternative to SimilarWeb. Serpstat basically has a lot of features to offer and it is ideal for low-budget clients.

Though there are not as many features as Similarweb has to offer, the tool serves the purpose very well.

Features of Serpstat

Serpstat is a comprehensive and efficient keyword research tool that can be used for both on-page and off-page optimization. It has a wide range of features that can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. These features include:

Batch Analysis of Keywords and Domains:

This feature allows you to quickly analyze a large number of keywords or domains. You can view the search engine ranking for each keyword, as well as the competition level and estimated traffic.

Rank Tracking Tool:

This tool lets you track your website’s search engine ranking for specific keywords. You can see how your ranking changes over time, and get alerted when your ranking drops below a certain level.

Competitor Analysis Tool:

This feature allows you to conduct a competitor analysis on your website. You can see how your website stacks up against its competitors with regards to the search engine ranking for specific keywords.

Serpstat provides an API that lets you easily integrate it into third-party software such as WordPress and Google Analytics, so you can benefit from Serpstat’s features. Serpstat also provides a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly view the search engine ranking for any website or keyword while browsing other websites.

Pros & Cons of Serpstat

Here are some pros and cons of Serpstat you should know:

  1. You can add your competitor’s domain and their keywords to keep a track of their keywords. It also will do the same for your own domain as well. It is a great way to compare your organic growth with your rivals.
  2. Discovers and researches specific keywords that are used by competitors for high rankings.
  3. More affordable than many other marketing tools that are featuring the same features with such a great user interface.
  1. It doesn’t provide proper marketing strategies and guidance to the users in order to outshine the competitors.

Pricing of Serpstat

The pricing plans of Serpstat are available in four different packages.

The Lite package costs $69 per month and the Standard pack will cost $149 per month. Whereas the advanced package will bill $299 and the Enterprise edition will bill around $499 per month.

5. Moz Pro

moz pro crawl and audit feature

Indeed, one of the top tools in the SEO industry that lets you compare and understand the SEO ranking of any website. This is what Similarweb also does to some point.

The reason why I think Moz Pro is a free alternative to Similarweb is the feature of getting backlink insights and keyword data for any website. You get to know what all keywords are there that drive the most traffic to a specific website. On the other hand, you can easily understand why a website is ranking and how powerful are those backlinks with their PA (page authority) are.

Features of Moz

1. Link Building:

Moz offers many features to help with backlink analysis and finding link-building opportunities. One such feature is the “Moz Local” tool, which helps businesses find local linking opportunities.

The Moz Pro subscription also offers a “Link Explorer” feature that offers detailed data about the number of links pointing to a certain webpage and social shares of those linked pages, as well as their Moz Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores (based on Moz domain authority).

There are also tools that work for free like “Open Site Explorer” and “SEO Review”, which allows one to track link metrics for other sites, as well as check ranking positions.

2. SEO Auditing:

When auditing a website’s SEO health, Moz offers a “Page Optimization” tool to help identify potential areas of improvement. The audit checks factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and headings on pages across the website.

Moz also offers a “Keyword Research” tool which can help find new keywords for targeting and tracking the progress of campaigns over time.

3. Data Visualization:

Moz’s data visualization tools offer a unique way of seeing how one’s website is performing. The “Rankings” tool, for example, displays the website’s ranking position for certain keywords over time.

This can help track progress and see what changes need to be made in order to improve rankings. Additionally, the “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority” metrics can be seen as graphs to track progress over time.

This type of data visualization can be very helpful in understanding how one’s website is performing and what changes need to be made.

Pricing of Moz

Moz offers 4 different pricing packages: Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium.

Pricing varies depending on your needs. Standard is $99.00 per month, Medium is $179.00 per month, and Large is $299.00 per month.

If you need more features or want to be able to track more keywords, then the Premium package is for you.

It’s only $599.00 per month. Moz also offers a 30-day trial so you can test out all of their features before you decide on a package.

Pros & Cons of Moz

  • Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool that can help identify website issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • It can also help you understand your site visitor’s behaviors, which can help with link-building opportunities.
  • Moz is affordable and offers a wide range of features to help you improve your SEO ranking.
  • It may not have the right features to manage your content.
  • The learning curve associated with this software can be challenging for some people.

6. Builtwith

the best similarweb alternative is builtwith

Yet another competitor to Similarweb that has the power of Big-data. BuiltWith gives you a profile of all the technologies used to build a website. It is a comprehensive dashboard of a website’s tech profile that explains if a website uses a CMS or a different platform. Also, what type of DNS system and CDN is being used on a website; you get access to see everything.

Features of Builtwith

Some of the basic features of Builtwith are its usage lists. It provides a fast and easy way to access the top web technologies that people use.

You can find out if a company or website is using a particular web technology by going to the website and simply typing in the name of the website or company you’re interested in.

The list will give you a chance to see what type of web technology it uses.

Another basic feature of BuiltWith is its lead generation service. This service allows you to search for companies that have been gathering leads from websites, so you can contact them directly from BuiltWith’s platform.

Pros & Cons of BuiltWith


  • BuiltWith is extremely easy to use- you can get started right away without any trouble.
  • The information provided by Builtwith is incredibly valuable and straightforward.
  • Builtwith makes it really easy to generate target account lists.


  • Builtwith’s tool is very expensive to own.
  • The data that I get from the lists they generate is unorganized to the point where it is almost impossible for me to ingest it into my CRM.

Get Started With Builtwith Now

7. Ahrefs Pro

ahrefs dashboard screenshot

Ahrefs is one of the most-popular tools used by seo and inernet marketing professionals to understand the real value of any website. It is pretty much accurate with its organic search volume, ranking and traffic value data.

Furthermore, you can easily track the organic growth and backlinks growth or downfall of any website.

I am personally a big fan of Ahrefs because it is free to analyse my own website with Ahrefs. Just like google search console, you can add your website in Ahrefs webmaster tool and look at the backlinks data, organic keywords position and a lot more.

Ahrefs gives a tough competition to Similarweb, SEMrush and several other SEO tools with its data-accuracy.

8. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO homepage

Surfer SEO is the next-generation swiss-army-knife for SEO geeks to audit the website and the content. Not just that, you can easily understand why your content is not ranking and other’s do.

Easily tap into opportunities that you can grab to rank your content higher in SERP. These opportunities include adding relevant keyword and phrases, creating backlinks similar to your competitors etc.

I have also done a detailed review of Surfer SEO on my blog which explains how to use it and my hands-on experience as well.

9. SpyFu

spyfu home

A good SEO guy can’t forget this tool. SpyFu is a company based in the US and they offer many features and digital reports. SpyFu also has an emphasis on Keyword strategies and usage.

If you’re searching for precise data, free features, strong keyword marketing, and a grasp of your competition’s keyword approach, then Outbrain is an excellent choice.

This means that if you want data, prefer to distinguish between Google and other search engines, need a simple user experience and desire a more intuitive learning curve, then Exact SERP is not the solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

👉 Why should you switch from SimilarWeb?

There is no problem with the SimilarWeb solution as far as the features and tools are concerned. However, the subscription charges are way too high for entry-level or small-scale businesses in the market. These extraordinary features really don't justify the worth of spending that much money. That’s why switching elsewhere to different options will surely save a lot of bucks and provide you essential services too.

👍 Which is the best alternative to SimilarWeb for beginners?

There can be many alternatives of the SimilarWeb toolkit ideally for beginners depending upon the requirements and strict budget. I have listed all the suitable alternatives with their respective pricing plans. However, SEMrush will be my favorite pick as it offers the best price for the best features.

🙌 Is there a free version of SimilarWeb?

The ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool for a 360-degree view of your industry and competitors has just launched! Try it now, totally free. With SimilarWeb you can get access not only to website traffic but also key metrics like engagement rate; rankings by keywords or country location.; as well as where the majority of visitors are coming from on those specific sites..

🙋‍♀️ Is SimilarWeb legal?

They will only use your Personal Information when we have a legal basis for doing so.

💁‍♂️ Who are SEMRush competitors?

Top competitors of Semrush are Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Ahrefs. However there is one more company that stands out in particular; Zoho Marketing Hub which has been ranked as the fourth most popular social media marketing tool on earth!

🙎 How accurate is SimilarWeb?

On average, the most accurate tool analyzed was SimilarWeb. It overestimated organic traffic by 1% and total visit numbers by 17%, estimating 15.7m visits for 25 websites compared to 13 438 895 actuals! Similarly in contrast with all other tools' underestimates; this is one exception where you'll see an increase from estimates being too high- there are actually more people visiting these pages than what their analytics show (1 -2%).

🧏‍♂️ How much does SimilarWeb cost?

The price of Similarweb Pro varies depending on the plan you choose, with a monthly subscription costing between $199 and $799.

🙇‍♀️ Which is better Ahrefs vs Semrush?

The number of reports you can pull per day is one thing that sets SEMRUSH apart from Ahrefs. With more than just SEO and PPC data, it's a better option for those who want to look at their website traffic analytics in depth without any proration or restrictions - flows going forward

💁‍♂️ What is better SEMrush or SimilarWeb?

Although the accuracy of SimilarWeb and SEMrush are similar, there were some differences in their results. For medium-sized websites like my own site (medium size website), it was found that whichever tool I used to look at data would give me more accurate information than another one when analyzing 1 million sessions or more; however this may not always be true for smaller sites with fewer visits per day because they don't have enough history on which you can rely as well.

🤷‍♀️ Is Alexa Ranking accurate?

Alexa rankings are a good way to compare one website's performance with others, but the Alexa statistics may not necessarily be accurate in absolute terms.

🙎‍♂️ Is Moz better than Ahrefs?

Moz is a great SEO tool for individuals and small businesses as it offers the most comprehensive set of features at competitive prices. Ahrefs has content marketing capabilities that make it better than many more advanced services, but SEMrush also provides this feature; so you get all three in one place with a single subscription!

💁 Which is better Alexa or SimilarWeb?

Overall, I find that SimilarWeb has more detailed data collection and review methods. This makes them a much better source for accuracy when compared to Alexa who only provides rankings but no other information about how this was calculated or what influences their numbers (ie: popularity).

Conclusion- Best SimilarWeb Alternatives

I really hope subscribing to any of the above tools in the list of SimilarWeb alternatives will definitely make a worth for your business. All these tools are offering tremendous features over one another and that too is in a very limited budget range.

Moreover, all these digital marketing tools are pretty much popular among users from all around the globe. That’s why these 6 are my favorite picks in place of the SimilarWeb solutions toolkit. Do let me know your favorite pick among these 6 alternatives in the comments section.

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