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Trying to save money and find the best Similarweb alternative for your company? Howdy, I’ve created the ultimate list for you.

Because of the high ticket pricing of Similarweb, it may sound costly for you. So, let’s check the best Similarweb alternatives and compare them based on pricing, ease of use, and features.

❀️ I have handpicked this list with comprehensive research and found some really good competitors of Similarweb.
Don’t want to scroll down, choose my personal favorite Semrush πŸ†.

CompetitorsBest ForStarting PriceFree Trial
Semrush (Overall Best)Competitive research & link building$119.95/moFree here
AhrefsTechnical analysis$99/moNo
UberSuggest (best free)Keyword research$12/moFree
SiteProfiler by MangoolsRank tracking & keyword$29/mo10-days
SerpstatPPC & traffic$69/mo7-days
Moz ProKeyword research & Local$99/mo30-days
SEO Power SuiteAgency SEO$299/yearFree
Conductor IntelligenceOrganic search analysisDemoNo

Why you may need a Similarweb Alternative?

Similarweb is undoubtedly a great platform that provides an easy-to-use interface for the users to get detailed business Insights, not only for their own website but also for any other website (it can be a competitor too).

Similarweb Homepage

Similarweb has outstanding features for market analysis, SEO research, and competitive comparison of the niche. However, it has downsides

❎ Unclear / High Ticket Pricing
❎ Inaccurate Keyword Rank and Positions
❎ Lacks vital SEO research features

List of the Best Similarweb Alternatives & Competitors

similarweb alternatives main image

The alternate options mentioned below will offer all the formidable services at a low cost. So, let’s have a look at all the Similarweb alternatives:

Semrush – $99/mo

Semrush digital marketing tool is undoubtedly an excellent Similarweb alternative that lets you track down all the analytics and business Insights in just one click.

Semrush dashboard screenshot

Semrush marketing tool has a user base of more than 6 Million users, and the list also contains

Semrush Pricing

Semrush Pricing Plan Features

You can definitely consider the annual billing option. It costs less than the monthly plan and will get you great value.

πŸš€ Recommended plan – Pro plan is what I personally recommend if you’ve just started as an SEO professional.

The Pro plan is enough for essential SEO intelligence where you can track the position of your keywords. Furthermore, you can follow your competitor’s performance in search results.


ahrefs dashboard screenshot

Ahrefs is one of the most popular Similarweb alternative tools used by SEO professionals to understand the real value of any website. Its organic search volume, ranking, and traffic value data are pretty accurate.

  • πŸ“ˆ Track any website’s authority over its lifetime
  • πŸ” Check organic/paid traffic growth
  • πŸ”— Deep dive into the website’s backlink profile
  • πŸ† Explore the top organic pages

Furthermore, you can easily track any website’s organic growth and backlinks growth or downfall. Ahrefs gives tough competition to Similarweb, Semrush, and several other SEO tools with its data accuracy. That’s the reason why Ahrefs is still one of the most eligible Similarweb alternatives in this list.


Ubersuggest SEO Tool

As long as you only need to find winning keywords for any domain, Ubersuggest is a great solution. You not only get a bird-eye view of any website’s SEO traffic but also generate great keyword/content ideas for new blog posts or pages.

Ubersuggest gives you

  • Domain Overview
  • Top Pages with the highest traffic metrics
  • KW research that is more accurate
  • Backlink data of your own projects

You can also check any other website’s backlinks, keywords, and traffic data.


A new Similarweb alternative that I want to talk about is SpyFu. A good SEO guy can’t forget this tool. SpyFu is a company based in the US, and they offer many features and digital reports. SpyFu also has an emphasis on Keyword strategies and usage.

If you’re searching for precise data, accessible features, strong keyword marketing, and a grasp of your competition’s keyword approach, then Outbrain is an excellent choice.

Spyfu pricing plans

spyfu pricing plans detailed

This means that if you want data, prefer to distinguish between Google and other search engines, need a simple user experience, and desire a more intuitive learning curve. Exact SERP is not the solution for you.

SiteProfiler by Mangools

mangools homepage

SiteProfiler is definitely an excellent substitute for Similarweb. SiteProfiler is both cost-effective and ideal for small-scale businesses.

This toolset contains many valuable features for a growing business with the latest market trends. You can access a set of tools for different use cases with a single pricing plan.

While the SiteProfiler will give you a birds-eye view of the authority and traffic of any domain, SERPchecker will keep track of position changes in Google for your targeted keywords.

SiteProfiler Pricing

Talking about the pricing of SiteProfiler as a Similarweb alternative, it is quite affordable. The starter Mangools Basic plan costs just $29 USD per month.

Any plan will get you a combination of product access. Keyword position tracker, Keyword research tool, SERP lookup tool, and backlinks audit tool; everything is included.


Serpstat pricing table

Serpstat is yet another superb choice as a Similarweb alternative. Serpstat offers many features, and it is ideal for you if you’re really serious about SEO, keyword ranking, and SEM.

Though there are not as many features as Similarweb offers, the tool serves the purpose very well.

Moz Pro

moz pro crawl and audit feature

Indeed, one of the top tools in the SEO industry lets you compare and understand the SEO ranking of any website. This is what Similarweb also does to some point.

You get to know what all keywords are there that drive the most traffic to a specific website. On the other hand, you can easily understand why a website ranks and how powerful those backlinks with their PA (page authority) are. Moz is a Similarweb alternative freely available to anyone having a free Moz community account.

Moz Pricing Plans

As long as you only need to see the page authority and domain authority score of the website you visit, the free plan is more than enough for you. You can see the DA and PA of any domain using its free Chrome extension.

However, when you take SEO seriously and want to get deeper into SEO research, the basic plan of Moz Pro will cost you 99$ per month which lets you manage 3 campaigns and 300 keyword rankings.

Conclusion- Best Similarweb Alternatives

I hope subscribing to any of the above tools in the list of Similarweb alternatives will definitely make a worth it for your business. All these tools offer outstanding features over the others and are in a minimal budget range.

Moreover, all these digital marketing tools are pretty much popular among users from all around the globe. These 6 are my favorite picks in place of the Similarweb toolkit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who are Similarweb competitors?

Top Similarweb competitors are Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest. Each competitor is unique in its own way and has some features to stand out from the rest of the rivals in the list.

Is Similarweb data accurate?

On average, the most accurate tool analyzed was Similarweb. It overestimated organic traffic by 1% and total visit numbers by 17%, estimating 15.7m visits for 25 websites compared to 13 438 895 actuals! Similarly, in contrast with all other tools’ underestimates; this is one exception where you’ll see an increase from estimates being too high- there are actually more people visiting these pages than what their analytics show (1 -2%).

How much does Similarweb cost?

Plan forPlan NamePrice (Billed Annually)Price (Billed Monthly)

The price of Similarweb Pro varies depending on the plan you choose. The most affordable plan is Starter which costs just $125/mo when billed annually.

Which is better Ahrefs or Semrush?

The number of reports you can pull per day is one thing that sets Semrush apart from Ahrefs. With more than just SEO and PPC data, it’s a better option for those who want to look at their website traffic analytics in depth without any proration or restrictions – flows going forward.

What is better SEMrush or Similarweb?

Features Comparison (Semrush vs Similarweb)SemrushSimilarweb
Keyword ranking positionsβœ… Yesβœ… Yes
Track keyword rankingsβœ… Yes❌ No
Estimate the website’s trafficβœ… Yesβœ… Yes
Backlink Analysisβœ… Yes❌ No
Paid Traffic reportβœ… Yesβœ… Yes
Brand Monitoringβœ… Yes❌ No
Website Technologies❌ Noβœ… Yes
πŸ₯‡ Winner: SemrushFree Trial$149/mo

Although the accuracy of Similarweb and Semrush are similar, there were some differences in their results. For medium-sized websites like my own site (medium size website), it was found that whichever tool I used to look at data would give me more accurate information than another one when analyzing 1 million sessions or more; however, this may not always be true for smaller sites with fewer visits per day because they don’t have enough history on which you can rely as well.