LetReach Review: Best Data-Driven Push Service Provider

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What can you do to make your push notifications more likely to be opened?

The following article would give you a proper overview of Push Service provider, so read on LetReach review. With higher click through rates, it can increase your promotional results by thousands of dollars.

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This engaging tool can also help you build steady customer relationships.

LetReach offers the following powerful features to deliver relevant notifications: instant and easy setup, multiple channels (email, SMS), localization support, content personalization, A/B testing capabilities, detailed analytics reports etc.

So,inquisitive to know details about LetReach, so read along. You can now easily reach all your customers in seconds without having them download an app or leave their browser! With our simple user interface it’s never been easier! They offer a free trial so sign up today!

What is LetReach?

letreach push notification service

LetReach is an online tool that helps you to get started with delivering your notification on to users’ end on any platform within a fraction of a second.

LetReach enables companies to send real-time push notifications from their mobile and desktop websites. These notifications are exactly like the app notifications which have been observed to show a 50% higher open-rate and almost twice the click-rate of emails. The startup time for this software is less and with an easy to use interface. 

It is a web-based SAAS solution for eCommerce, Deals/Coupons and Content Publishing websites. It is developed by a team of three engineering students – Vipul Garg, Rishabh Saxena, and Akshay Mahajan.

The features are used by more than 2,300 websites to attract users even when they are not on their website.

Letreach Review: Features



This allows you to segment the text message and provide a particular message for a specific audience at a certain location. Your notification can be segmented based on your location, event, and device information. It also gives you the option to target the right audience.

Interactive Notification

It has a feature that automatically generates leads based on your subscribers’ devices and formulates user-interactive custom based text/web/pop-ups at a single stroke for a segment of your community.

Real-time Analysis

The report about conversions, engagements, and demographics of subscribers can be retrieved from the software pretty easily. The report shows the impact of every message sent by your subscribers. With this report, you can easily see what impact your messages are having on your subscribers.

Automated Notifications

Whenever a daily/weekly event occurs, this function will notify you. Thus, the notification is sent to subscribers worldwide to inform them of the event. Constant updates are no longer necessary.


There is no problem in dealing with large crowds around the world. This product is available in virtually every region of the world. In one click, it sends web/email/text all over the world.


It supports the generation of 2-3 templates when an event is triggered. This allows you to compare the responses from all the generated content of the notification to generate content that is appropriate. You can get a feel for the kind of texts that impact your subscribers the most.

Letreach Review: Pricing Plans


It is priced at an affordable rate so that new businesses can enjoy its services. We offer several pricing plans for SMBs and enterprises, including a free plan. Unlimited notifications every month are included in the free basic plan, up to 2000 Subscribers.

  • FREE – always free.
  • Standard – $15 monthly
  • Pro – $60 monthly
  • Elite – $175 monthly

Letreach Pros and Cons


  • Free for life
  • Any company can afford our prices
  • This is a great feature for marketing.
  • Generating revenue at a high rate.
  • It is really helpful to have customer support available.
  • UI is easy to use and does not require much coding knowledge.
  • Overall, it’s a really great product that people tend to love. New updates are also released frequently.


  • Occasionally encounters bugs, but is usually fixed quickly.
  • Though the site could be more interactive, it’s still a good experience to work on.
  • Small purchases with analytics.
  • In addition to notifications, the company should also consider adding additional services.

Customer Base

On its official website, it lists testimonials from some of the major firms.It works with the following types of organizations and users: Small businesses, midsize businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and governments.

The revenue of the websites/firms has increased in every aspect.

  • Wittyfeed
  • Khojdeal
  • PhoneRadar
  • Digital KickStart

How To Signup at LetReach?

letreach start free

Joining this website is as simple as its features.

The form must be filled out with all the required details including the company name, website and so on.

In the future, it is possible you will be asked for your credit/debit card details.

You can work on this website up to 2000 subscribers. Your plan can also be changed later.

Why should you use LetReach?

why choose letreach

Due to the fact that traditional marketing channels like email and social are dilution, CTRs and view rates have dropped drastically on email and social. Due to this, companies are getting average CTRs of 1-2% on emails, which has caused their performance to drop.

Users can receive web push notifications anytime anywhere, without having to download any app, because they are app-like notifications. Web push notifications have led to a view rate of 50% and a click-through rate of 15% for companies.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what LetReach is and what it can do for you, here are a few other reasons why you should consider using LetReach to increase customer engagement.

Quick 2-minute setup

  • Subscribers will grow faster with multiple customizable opt-in options
  • Get subscriber insights with advanced filters to deliver better notifications.
  • Personalize notifications by segmenting them and delivering them at an ideal time.
  • It is essentially 1:1 personal messaging at scale.

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LetReach is a powerful web push notifications tool that can help you re-engage your website visitors, even when they’re not on your page.

With its comprehensive suite of features, LetReach can turn your website visitors into loyal subscribers in no time.

And with drag-drop automation sequencing and attribution-based segmentation, you can easily analyze the performance of your web push notifications to see how they’re affecting your bottom line.

If you want to start using web push notifications to grow your audience even more, then LetReach is the perfect tool for you. Contact us today to learn more!