Top 11+ Best Adult Ad Networks (CPM, PPC & CPA) 2022– For Publishers & Advertisers

Dependable Adult Ad Networks are crucial for websites and businesses in the adult industry.

The 18+ industry is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide. It has a net worth of approximately $97 billion, enough to feed more than 4,8 billion people per day. It is also true that many advertisers will not wish to promote pornographic content.

To protect these advertisers, popular online advertising networks such as AdSense and do not permit pornographic content on their platforms.

You can receive advertising for an adult website from a network that specializes in adult content. In this post, I list the most effective networks for this type of website. You can also view the top ten pop-under and pop-up advertising networks.

Top 12+ Best Adult Ad Networks of 2022

Numerous types of software exist for CPAs. Some websites prohibit adult traffic sources. If you use a CPA network that allows these sources and wants to increase traffic, you can target your ads to specific web browsers and devices. To view the list, please see below:

1. AdSpyglass

adspyglass homepage ss

This list begins with AdSpyglass because it permits concurrent work with all of the ad networks described below. It allows you to rotate advertisements from various demand sources in one location. AdSpyglass is the service of choice for those who prefer the CPM model. The platform will help you increase your segment fill rate. But there’s more. In order to win the auction, ad networks will increase their rates to compete for your website’s traffic. The unique algorithms developed by the AdSpyglass team will automatically rotate the best ads with the highest CPM from the networks you select. Your income will increase rapidly.

In addition to working with direct advertisers, the platform provides automatic media kit creation for every website you own, comprehensive reports, and ad quality monitoring. I will describe the best ad networks for the adult niche in the following article. Choose 3-5-7 ad networks to include in rotation for your ad spots on the AdSpyglass platform. AdSpyglass is prepared to assist you in adding additional networks and direct advertisers to your list.

Check out their website for more info.

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2. ClickAdu

clickadu homepage

First on the list of best adult networks is ClickAdu. It is a trusted ad network for top media buyers. This rapidly growing ad network for the web and mobile channels is specialized in pop-unders and has a number of exclusive contracts, self-made high innovative technologies, and anti-malware technologies.

Advertisers choose ClickAdu for detailed ad targeting, precise statistics, and high ROI. ClickAdu provides a platform for advertisers and publishers.

Publishers can use the ClickAdu API and CPA and CPM formats to monetize their websites and mobile apps. Advertising is targeted based on location, gender, keywords, page, and time.

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3. CrakRevenue

crakrevenue- best adult networks

CrakRevenue occupies the fifth spot as the best CPA adult network in the world. If you wish to earn money online, it is one of the best CPA networks.

They have exclusive offers in the Cam vertical, and their customer service is outstanding. Check out CrakRevenue if you’re interested in CPA Network traffic. It has excellent offers across multiple verticals, particularly for webcam sites.

They were named the best business network for thousands of publishers. In the past decade, they have won nearly twenty international awards and now serves advertisers from all over the globe.

CrakRevenue is renowned for its self-service, which enables users to create, publish, and track additional trackers. It provides versatile payment options.

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4. Evoleads

evoleads homepage

Evoleads is a Montreal-based business. They have existed for more than a decade. They pay you when people purchase the items you display on their website.

Evoleads has assisted numerous individuals in promoting their businesses and generating revenue with their websites.

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5. TrafficJunky

trafficjunky- best adult networks

TrafficJunky Inc. has an established performance history from Montreal, Canada to the entire world. Their mission is to optimise the performance of your advertising campaigns.

If you sign up for TrafficJunky, your website will be added to its network. This enables advertisers who wish to reach a large audience to place advertisements on your website.

The inventory of the TrafficJunky Ad network is identical to that of other premium ad networks. Their analytics and tracking tools will assist you in monitoring your revenue goals’ progression.

They must pay a minimum of $50 and do so.

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6. JuicyAds

juicyads review

YNOT has presented JuicyAds with the company of the year award for traffic services. More than 105,000 active accounts and 222,000+ NETWORK WEBSITES are maintained by JuicyAds.

The self-service and full-service advertising network JuicyAds. W3 Techs ranked them among the top ten advertising networks worldwide.

JuicyAds provides an extensive selection of advertising tools and services, including banners for all devices, an exclusive marketplace, POP, CPC, Adult, and CPM payment models, and standard banner sizes, among others.

JuicyAds is a fully optimized ad network with numerous payment options. In addition, JuicyAds is an ad network that offers publishers and advertisers a variety of payment models.

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7. PopAds


PopAds is an effective and intelligent advertising network. It was developed by a Google Adsense contest winner. You only need to choose the content, set your budget, select your target audience, and determine the rates.

It is simple and uncomplicated. PopAds ensures excellent results due to its superior targeting options.

PopAds – is an advertising network that works with websites in over 40 countries and pays you monthly via PayPal or AlertPay.

You can advertise on all versions of their advertising network, which spans North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, and Australia.

In fact, you can manage every aspect of your campaign (frequency cap, conversion tracking, etc).

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8. Slimspots

slimspots homepage

Slimspots is a pioneering CPA network that was established in June 2013. It is an ad network managed by online marketers with extensive experience in online marketing.

All of the founders had prior experience as publishers, media buyers, and advertisers. Therefore, they are able to handle the specific requests of all parties.

SlimSpots’s headquarters are in Germany. They are looking for publishers who are willing to work on a CPM, CPI, Popunder, and CPA basis. Slimspots is a global ad-serving network that enables advertisers to place ads on participating websites.

Ads Slimspots accept all payment methods and pay a minimum of fifty dollars.

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9. Adsterra

adsterra review

Adsterra is one of the products that focus on adult Ad networks that delivers 25 billion-plus geo-targeted ad impressions monthly. It links product and service companies to their audience with the help of its astute advertising platform.

It does everything to accelerate brand recognition throughout the world and increase ROI.

Adsterra is an ad network that has a 100% fill rate (i.e. all ads are displayed), mobile and web ad formats, pays their publishers NET15 (i.e. getting paid 15 days after earnings), and 5% referral.

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10. ExoClick

exoclick- ad platform

ExoClick has been established as the 4th biggest ad network. The CEO Benjamin Fonzé has been operating the business with his brother Adrien who is the COO of the company.

Their ExoClick software offers 20+ different ad formats that suit your targeting and re-targeting behaviors with easy data stats accessibility and investigation tools.

The most interesting element of ExoClick is the NeverBlock server-side ad-blocking solution. To prevent spam from misleading bots, ExoClick uses a combination of captcha and other systems.

If you want to make a little extra money, ExoClick is a great way to do it.

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11. PlugRush

plugrush- best cpm adult networks

The last one is the list of best Adult networks is PlugRush. It is an advertising ecosystem that blends together numerous digital marketing technologies in a secure, open, and agile way.

It combines different technologies into a secure, open, and flexible form that delivers real results. With PlugRush, you can buy traffic, sell traffic, or trade traffic as you like.

PlugRush has a self-serve platform for implementing the main ad code quickly, and that works on popups, banners, display ads, and push ads. The minimum payment is $25, and CPM and CPC payment models are offered.

Advertisers receive high-quality traffic through massive targeting and automated optimization from numerous websites. The publishers get a high ROI by tapping into safe, high-paying campaigns across a network.

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12. Push.House

push-house- top adult networks

Push.House is a push notification advertising platform with good traffic, including 14B impressions and 31M clicks daily in 180 countries. The platform allows you to bid in real-time and get live updates for your campaign from the reporting tab.

You can create your campaign in a pain-free manner, and the professional support team will help you find the targeted audience and assist you with finding the right strategy for your goals.

Users can also access the site’s telegram support group to make their campaign more effective. is one of the few ad networks that adds two-factor authentication to secure your account.

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Why does your adult website need an affiliate?

When there is a profitable niche, there will be information on it. This can be both good and bad. But when the topic is taboo, it will be even worse because you won’t find any helpful information.

That’s why advertisers need to know where to find reliable information about things like affiliate networks and their adult offers.

Ad networks are a way to make money. They help people buy ads. People without ad networks would have to talk to many advertisers, but they can just talk to the network with ad networks.

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FAQs (Best Adult Networks)

👉 Do ad networks make money?

The business model for Ad Networks is to sell ads at a higher price than they paid for them. One of the ways they make a profit is by taking a cut of every transaction. Ad networks help advertisers scale their ad buys and target a particular audience with ease.

👍 How can I get paid per click?

You can place an ad on your site that will link to somewhere else. For example, if you want to promote a sports website, you put the ad for this website on your site. The visitor clicks on it and goes where you wanted.

💁‍♀️ What is the highest paying ad network?

Adsterra, Push.House, and PlugRush. These are the best ad networks for CPM advertising, in my opinion.

🧏 What is the difference between an ad network and a DSP?

DSP stands for the demand-side platform. One of the main differences between ad networks and demand-side platforms is that an ad network works for the publisher side of the two-party system, connecting advertisers to publishers that have web pages with advertising needs.

🤷‍♂️ When should I use pay per click?

Pay-per-click is a common metric when the main goal of the ad is to drive traffic to a landing page. The placement and quality of the ad will affect its performance in clicks, which in turn affects total pay-per-click cost

Conclusion- Best Adult Networks in 2022

These adult ad networks are an opportunity to increase your website’s ROI. If you are a publisher, consider using ad mediation services to connect yourself to all the adult ad networks given above.

I think it’s appropriate to utilize these top adult ad networks in 2022 to boost your ROI. Are you all set to use these top adult ad networks?