Notix Review: The Best Push Notifications Service of 2024

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Are you searching for the finest accessible push notification service?

In the contemporary age, online companies are flourishing. Bringing a company online offers a number of benefits, including decreased labor costs and greater cost savings.

Developing an internet company, on the other hand, is a different story. It’s very tough to develop a digital company, given the market saturation. If you are a new company that has just recently entered the internet market, building a large client base will be very tough.

This is where a push notification service may be very helpful in terms of increasing your client base. 

In this article, I will examine Notix, a business that offers the services you need. We’ll look at its characteristics and decide if you should utilize it or not.

Notix Review

What is Notix?

Notix software is a platform for interacting with audiences in order to grow your company. The software offers parallel testing features that enable it to reach audiences in the user’s time zone. Collaborate with your team, segment your target, and keep an eye on all KPIs to ensure that the delivery process runs well. Marketers, as well as small and medium-sized companies, utilize the program.

Because push notifications allow users to deliver real-time messages to their consumers’ smartphones, they are a great marketing technique. When compared to email marketing, alerts sent straight to a customer’s smartphone are almost difficult to ignore. However, you should carefully control your push notification approach to ensure that subscribers only get messages that are relevant and helpful.

Notix gives you the ability to manage databases of any size. The service is capable of processing very large quantities of mailings or subscriber collection while maintaining a high level of service and deliverability.

notix features

Major Features and Benefits of Notix

RSS Feeds

Utilize Zapier or Integromat to convert your RSS feed to push notifications and provide the newest news.

WordPress Plugin

Notix WordPress plugin allows you to easily install Notix on your website in a few clicks.

Emoji Support

Utilize emoticons to make your communications more engaging and colorful.

Send Messages in Users Time Zone

Deliver your messages to your subscribers at the most convenient moment for them.

Audience Segmentation

Improving targeting via audience segmentation based on specific criteria.

30 % better delivery rate

Deliver more and increase the click-through rate on each notice delivered.

Parallel testing option

Comparing Notix to your existing supplier will demonstrate the difference.

Notix Review

API Integration

Includes workflow automation, such as the Notix SaaS for developers.

Flexible Subscription Prompts

From instantaneous delays to bespoke designs.

Push Monetization

Profit from your subscribers’ requests in addition to utilizing Notix to deliver your own material.

Real-time statistics

Maintain constant oversight of all metrics and the delivery process as it happens.

Database migration from another service

Transfer your subscribers from your existing supplier to Notix.

notix pricing

Notix Pricing

The pricing of Notix is the best part of it. Notix is very cheap and in fact free for up to 30,000 subscribers. They have 4 plans – 

  • Free: This one will cost you nothing and includes 30,000 subscribers, unlimited push notifications, and all the features are available.
  • Basic: This one will cost you depending on the number of subscribers ranging from $ 30 to $ 150. This also includes everything that is free.
  • Monetization Plan: This is the most shocking and the best plan for Notix. This includes unlimited subscribers, unlimited push notifications, all the features are available and will cost you nothing. 
  • Enterprise: This one is for those aiming for more than 150,000 subscribers. With this, you can customize your own plan. Contact them for pricing. 

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Notix Pros and Cons

Notix Pros

  • Retargeting audiences
  • Audience segmentation
  • Monetization option
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Integration with Integromat
  • Emoji Support
  • Database migration from another service
  • WordPress Plugin
  • RSS Feeds
  • Provides spectacular push campaigns
  • 30% Better Delivery Rate
  • 30% better push subscriber collection
  • Expiry notifications
  • Ability to monetize your subscribers

Notix Cons 

  • Contextual targeting

Notix Review


After examining all of the features that Notix offers, we can definitely state that Notix is well worth the investment.

Besides the paid subscription plans based on your subscriber’s count, there is a free plan for you. It is a great way to start for beginners and send push notifications to their subscribers.

It has an incredible collection of capabilities that will assist your company in engaging with your audience more effectively. They have a high delivery rate, which leads to a greater return on investment. They use a tailored strategy to reach people interested in your company. Additionally, their setup procedure is very straightforward.

Thus, establishing a company and expanding it online has become very difficult today. However, a service such as Notix suffices. It has many helpful features that can help you grow your audience and get a higher return on investment. Additionally, a parallel comparison tool lets you compare your existing service to Notix. In conclusion, if you’re searching for the finest push notification service, Notix is worth the investment.

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