Best Etsy Proxies: Are They Worth It?

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bright data

Bright Data

Bright Data’s residential IP network has more than 72 million IP addresses, offering the best Etsy proxies.

❤️ 72M+ real device IPs
📍 195+ locations
🛡️ Full anonymity and security
⚙️ Unlimited connections and threads
💰 Pay As You Go option

Are you searching for proxies to manage your Etsy accounts? Etsy has an anti-spam system that identifies and bans proxies, so you must choose your strategy carefully. 

This list in this post comprises some of the most effective proxy services from which you can get Etsy proxies.

You are in for a rude awakening if you believe you can access Etsy using any proxy. Etsy has implemented a system that is successful at identifying and blocking proxies. 

If you must use a proxy server to access Etsy, you must use a highly anonymous proxy server that Etsy’s anti-spam system cannot identify as a proxy. 

LogoProxy ProviderStarting PriceLocations Covered
bright data logoBright Data Starts at $10.50/GB195 countries
Soax logo mainSoaxStarts at $1.99 trialGlobal
Nimbleway proxiesNimbleStarts at $8/GB12 countries
Proxy Seller Logo mainProxySellerStarts at $7/mo220 + locations
IPRoyal icon logoIPRoyal$1.75 pay-as-you-go195 countries
smartproxy icon squareSmartproxy$8.5 per GB195 + Countries
hydraproxy logoHydraproxy$5 per GB residential proxyGlobal
Oxylabs icon mainOxylabsStarts at $180/mo188+ locations
proxyrack logoProxyrack$13.95 all proxy trial140+ countries
myprivateproxy logoMyPrivateProxyStarts at $0.62mo24 locations in US & EU
High Proxies logo iconHighProxiesStarts at $10.90/mo11+ Countries

What are Etsy Proxies?

Etsy Proxies are proxies that may be used with Etsy. This allows them to avoid detection and access the website without being prohibited. There are currently no Etsy-specific proxies since few people use them on Etsy, and some of the generic ones available on the market function flawlessly when used to access the site.

Let us check out the list of the best Etsy proxy providers.

Bright Data is a well-known supplier of IP proxy services and data collectors with one of their network’s most significant residential IP addresses. The company has 72 million active IP addresses, offers fast internet speed, and delivers outstanding customer service worldwide.

Bright Data Website Homepage
bright data datacenter price


  • 😊 Free Trial: Proxy networks, Web Unlocker, SERP API, and Web Scraper IDE
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 72 M+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential proxies ($10.50/GB)
  • Proxy types: Mobile, Residential, Static residential, datacenter

Pros & Cons of Bright Data:


  • Huge IP pool
  • One of the best residential proxy providers in the market
  • Highly secured
  • Exceptional scraping performance
  • Dedicated proxy packages
  • Great customer support


  • Expensive for small businesses.

Soax is a backconnect proxy service provider with many IPs, allowing it to connect to any proxy pool. Residential IP addresses come from authentic devices like desktop computers and mobile phones. It varies. Their pool is quite exclusive. 

Therefore you will have access to confidential information, which is often favorable.

In addition, they are very safe and easy to use, making them far more participative and secure. Their flexible payment options make the service accessible to everyone. 

Additionally, they have access to very comprehensive and strict servers to which no one else has access.

Soax proxies website
soax residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 3-day
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: Global
  • 💛 IP number: 155M residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.3
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $6.6./GB residential
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Soax:


  • Flexible payment options
  • Very easy to work with
  • Good speed
  • Great scraping performance
  • Huge proxy network
  • Wonderful location coverage


  • Slow customer support
  • Expensive pricing

Nimble is an effortless data-collection tool that lets you create pipelines within minutes instead of waiting in a long queue for days. You can collect endless data from anywhere worldwide and deliver it to your storage like S3 or GCS.

The simple API interface makes it smooth and easy to collect and deliver data. Selenium and Puppeteer have some limitations on data collection, but Nimble overcomes data limitations and gives its users unlimited data access.

For ETSY data collection, Nimble offers premium & high-quality IPs with blazing-fast performance and advanced & in-detail analytics. You don’t need to manually rotate the IPs, as Nimble does it automatically. But if you want to keep using your IPs longer, you can use sticky IPs.

nimble homepage
nimble price


  • 😊 Free Trial: $0/week (100 credits)
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 12 countries
  • 💛 IP number: Unspecified
  • 👍 Trust Score: 0
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $8 per GB residential
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Nimble:


  • Credit rollover in Professional & Enterprise plan.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Sticky + Rotating.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions.


  • No unlimited bandwidth plan.
  • No Pay-as-you-go.
  • Credit rollover is not in the Essential plan

Proxy-Seller offers Etsy proxies that support both HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols, with a connection speed of 1 GB/s and unlimited traffic.

By using ProxySeller’s Etsy proxies, you can create and manage multiple Etsy stores using a single device. You can scrape review data from the Etsy website and also leave reviews.

There are millions of unique products to shop on Etsy and with proxies, you can buy limited editions of those products.

They provide a wide selection of IPs from over 400 networks and 800 subnets, covering more than 50 countries.

Proxy-Seller guarantees 99% uptime, various authorization methods, and 24/7 customer support. Discounts are available for long-term leases, with potential savings of up to 52%.

proxyseller homepage
proxy seller etsy proxies


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 40 countries
  • 💛 IP number: Undisclosed
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential Proxies ($7 per GB)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, ISP, Mobile

Pros & Cons of ProxySeller:


  • Great speed and low ping
  • A wide variety of data centers
  • Great customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Mobile and IPv6, IPv4 proxies available
  • Very cheap proxies


  • No trial version
  • No specific proxies

IPRoyal was founded in Lithuania in 2020 as a proxy service provider. It primarily caters to sneakerheads but also offers datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies to a diverse range of customers. 

In contrast to other service providers, IPRoyal chose to cast a broad net and swiftly collect all proxy server kinds. Some of its services are still quite restricted in terms of functionality, yet they may be helpful if they meet your needs. 

IPRoyal Etsy Residential proxies
IPRoyal pricing plans detailed


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 2M + residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.6
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $1.75 pay as you go
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP

Pros & Cons of IPRoyal:


  • Multiple payment methods.
  • 100% genuine proxies.
  • Superior performance.
  • Blazing-fast sneaker proxies.
  • Dedicated 4G mobile proxies.


  • Slow performance.
  • Update issues.

Smartproxy is a devoted premium proxy provider on the Internet that has been providing high-quality proxies for a considerable time. Smartproxy provides both residential and datacenter proxies. Their Residential proxies are dynamic, meaning their IP address varies after each iteration. 

These IP addresses were selected from a pool of 5 million IP addresses. In addition to providing one of the best proxies on the Internet, they also offer exceptional customer service. 

You may submit a support request if you have any issues regarding their website or proxies, and they will respond within 10 minutes. 

In addition, there is a live chat function where you may speak with a customer service representative.

Smartproxy Etsy Supported Proxies
Smartproxy Residential Proxy pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7 days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195+ countries
  • 💛 IP number: 40,000,000+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $8.5 per GB
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Smartproxy:


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Great set of tools.
  • The good worth of money.
  • Reliable and high anonymity.
  • Very fast proxies.


  • No mobile or ISP proxies.

HydraProxy is a premium proxy service that enables you to browse the Internet without being barred or limited depending on your IP address while masking your actual IP address. 

The key selling feature of the HydraProxy service is its price, as it provides some of the cheapest working proxies. 

In addition to their reasonable pricing, you will value their extensive geographic coverage and high-quality service. While they provide several benefits, they also require improvement in several areas.

The size of a proxy pool is crucial, especially if you wish to cycle many IP addresses. The probability of receiving the same IP rises with fewer IP addresses available. Consequently, I take the size of an IP pool carefully, and HydraProxy maintains a large proxy pool without breaking any records. 

Hydraproxy homepage
hydraproxy residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 24 hours
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: Global
  • 💛 IP number: 5 M +
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.7
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $5 per GB residential proxy
  • Proxy Types: 4G/5G Mobile, Static Mobile, and Residential Proxies

Pros & Cons of Hydraproxy:


  • No monthly commitment is required.
  • Flexible billing periods.
  • There are no additional fees.
  • Country-level targeting.
  • More than 7 million IPs.
  • HTTPS support.
  • Sticky and rotating IPs.


  • No free trial.

With Oxylabs scraper API, you can scrape ETSY website pages and collect accurate data in real time. You can view the output in JSON format. Simply provide the targeted page URL, and Oxylabs will provide all the required data in a few clicks.

Oxylabs has a vast proxy network and around-the-clock dedicated support. There are various documentation and support videos to get started quickly. You can manage proxies for ETSY scraping from a 102 M + proxies pool.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies for Etsy
Oxylabs price page updated


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 185 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 102,367,458+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Dedicated Datacenter Proxies ($180 per month)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential

Pros & Cons of Oxylabs:


  • 102 M + IP pool.
  • Allows bulk scraping.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing.


  • Only one-week free trial.

Proxyrack offers a unique rotating proxy experience utilizing a massive pool of IP addresses. Numerous unique characteristics distinguish it from most other proxy services on the market. 

It may be used for several purposes, including boosting network security and evading geographical restrictions. It works on a fast, dependable network that eliminates browsing and downloading downtime. It portrays itself as a proxy service that may be used for any legitimate reason.

Proxyrack offers a unique rotating proxy experience utilizing a massive pool of IP addresses. Numerous unique characteristics distinguish it from most other proxy services on the market.

It may be used for several purposes, including boosting network security and evading geographical restrictions. It works on a fast, dependable network that eliminates browsing and downloading downtime. It portrays itself as a proxy service that may be used for any legitimate reason.

Proxyrack homepage
proxyrack residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7-day
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 140+ countries
  • 💛 IP number: Unknown
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $13.95 all proxy trial
  • Proxy Types: Residential & Datacenter Proxies

Pros & Cons of Proxyrack:


  • Great scraping performance
  • Great session control system
  • Excellent location coverage
  • Large IP pool
  • Diverse packages
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Slow customer service

MPP has approximately 250,000 proxy servers in 24 locations. Fewer servers and more proxy servers. The fact that both provide private and shared proxies from servers with gigabit connections is something they share.

Whether you prefer to obtain private or shared proxies, you have various geo-targeting options and price plans. 

Both options provide access to numerous places, and you get a fresh set of non-sequential Etsy proxies every month. There is no opportunity for a free trial. Thus refunds are only possible within three days after purchase.

MyPrivateProxy homepage
MyPrivateProxy Private Proxies provider


  • 😊 Free Trial: 3-day
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 24 locations in USA and Europe
  • 💛 IP number: 2200+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 2.7
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $0.62/month Shared proxies
  • Proxy Types: Private, Shared

Pros & Cons of MyPrivateProxy:


  • Highly secure proxies
  • Very high speeds
  • Great server distribution
  • Big IP pool
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support


  • No SOCKS proxies
  • No free trial

HighProxies provides a pool of 100,000 proxies in 40 sites around North America and Europe, making it a good option for Datacenter Etsy proxies. You may choose between private and shared proxies, with the shared proxies confined to a few locations in the United States. 

HighProxies, unlike residential proxies, provide all packages with unlimited bandwidth from servers with gigabit connections. Each month, you will get a fresh set of proxies that may be used in any order.

I suggest using private proxies for your Etsy bot due to the restricted locations of shared proxies and the fact that other users would be accessing them. There is no trial option, but there is a 3-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the services.

Highproxies homepage
HighProxies pricing plans


  • 😊 Free Trial: 3-day
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 11+ countries
  • 💛 IP number: 1000+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 1.4
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $10.90/month
  • Proxy Types: Shared, Premium

Pros & Cons of HighProxies:


  • Specialized proxies available
  • One monthly IP refresh
  • Easy to use
  • Very fast
  • Multiple options for customer support


  • Fewer payment options

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Etsy may be stringent and rigorous about the implementation of restrictions and blocks. To avoid these restrictions, you need anonymous proxies that are untraceable, dependable, and compatible with Etsy. 

The proxies listed above are my suggested Etsy proxies. They have been tested and proved to be effective for many proxy users.


Why are Etsy proxies necessary for sellers?

Etsy proxies allow sellers to manage multiple stores, automate reviews, and conduct bulk mailings without the risk of account bans, enhancing store visibility and sales.

Can I use Proxy-Seller’s Etsy proxies for geo-restricted content?

Yes, Proxy-Seller’s Etsy proxies enable access to geo-restricted content, allowing sellers to research and access markets from specific regions for targeted selling strategies.

What makes Proxy-Seller’s Etsy proxies stand out?

Proxy-Seller offers high-speed (1 GB/s), low-ping proxies with extensive network and subnet choices, ensuring reliable and anonymous operations for Etsy sellers.