Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks in 2024

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Google proxies are the best proxy servers with Google compatibility. Google is not an ordinary website that can be accessed with any proxy. It can identify proxy servers and will smell you out.

Serious about being a Google proxy provider, a proxy provider must ensure that its proxies are highly anonymous and elite – leaving no trace to be discovered as proxies. 

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bright data

🔥 Bright Data

Bright Data’s residential IP network has over 72 million IP addresses, offering the best proxies for scraping Google.

❤️ 72M+ real device IPs
📍 195+ locations
🛡️ Full anonymity and security
⚙️ Unlimited connections and threads
💰 Pay As You Go option

In addition to being invisible, the proxy must be able to visit without blocks. It must support proxies with a high rate of IP address rotation that changes their IP address after each request. 

This guarantees that no request limit is surpassed and that Google does not detect an IP footprint. In addition, geo-targeting is another characteristic you should look for in a Google proxy service provider.

Google may be the only proponent of geotargeting. Google’s results are dynamic and vary based on location. A supplier must serve many countries, perhaps all of those Google offers.

LogoProxy ProviderStarting PriceLocations Covered
bright data logoBright Data Starts at $10.50/GB195 countries
smartproxy icon squareSmartproxyStarts at $8.5 per GB195 + Countries
Proxy Seller Logo mainProxySellerStarts at $7/mo220 + locations
Nimbleway proxiesNimbleStarts at $8/GB12 countries
IPRoyal icon logoIPRoyal$1.75 pay-as-you-go195 countries
ProxyCheap logo mainProxy-Cheap$2.99/GB24+ countries
Infatica io logoInfatica$1/GBGlobal
Oxylabs icon mainOxylabsStarts at $6.6./GB 188+ locations
Soax logo mainSoax$6.6./GBGlobal

List of Best Google Proxies for Google Blocks

Bright Data’s residential IP network has more than 72 million IP addresses, making it the most extensive residential IP network. The proxy network contains real-peer IP addresses in every country, so you can easily scrape Google’s SERP.

Bright Data’s proxies are patent-protected and 100% compliant to guarantee that they are secure and ethical. Bright Data SDK is the source of the company’s Residential IP addresses.

bright data worlds largest proxy provider
bright data datacenter price


  • 😊 Free Trial: Proxy networks, Web Unlocker, SERP API, and Web Scraper IDE
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 72 M+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential proxies ($10.50/GB)
  • Proxy types: Mobile, Residential, Static residential, datacenter

Pros & Cons of Bright Data:


  • Multiple use cases
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Great scraping performance
  • Great uptime guarantee
  • Multiple third-party integrations


  • Limited bandwidth

Smartproxy’s network has 40 million residential IP addresses. The proxies span about 195 nations worldwide. Both HTTP and HTTPS proxies exist on the Residential proxy network. 

The proxies are optimized for Google scraping, and you can submit many queries concurrently. Residential proxies can assist you in avoiding Captchas when accessing the web. Also, you can try their scraping API to avoid manual work.

smartproxy proxies for scraping
Smartproxy Residential Proxy pricing


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7 days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195+ countries
  • 💛 IP number: 40,000,000+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $8.5 per GB
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros and Cons of Smartproxy:


  • Great customer support
  • Good session control
  • Less response time
  • High proxy connection speeds
  • Great scraping performance
  • Very easy to use


  • Limited geo-targeting options

ProxySeller offers a variety of proxy services, which could include proxies optimized for use with search engines like Google. These proxies are typically used for SEO tasks, web scraping, and bypassing geo-restrictions or request limits set by Google.

Choose up to 100 unique and dedicated IPs for Google with discounts ranging from 5% up to 20% OFF.

All proxies support HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols and provide unlimited bandwidth. If you still have any issues with the proxies, you can contact the support team available 24/7/365.

proxyseller homepage
proxyseller google proxies


  • 😊 Free Trial: 7-days
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 40 countries
  • 💛 IP number: Undisclosed
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Residential Proxies ($7 per GB)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, ISP, Mobile)

Pros & Cons of ProxySeller:


  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Multiple servers.
  • Multiple IP subnets.
  • Flexible rental periods.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 proxies are available.
  • Supports SOCKS protocol.


  • Not compatible with a lot of sites.

Nimble’s residential pool of proxies is here to save your day by bypassing blocks and geo-restrictions to scrape Google’s SERP.

Nimble’s residential IPs are meant for high performance with lightning-fast response times of 0.25 seconds. While using residential proxies, you will experience 99.9% network uptime and unlimited concurrent sessions.

You can choose between rotating and sticky IPs and enjoy the freedom of country, city, or state-level targeting. Not just IPv4, but optionally, IPv6 IPs are also available.

nimble price


  • 😊 Free Trial: $0/week (100 credits)
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 12 countries
  • 💛 IP number: Unspecified
  • 👍 Trust Score: 0
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $8 per GB residential
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Nimble:


  • AI-optimized IPs.
  • State and city-level targeting.
  • 0.25s response time.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Rotating + Sticky IPs.
  • Real-time usage statistics.


  • The essential plan does not include a technical account manager.

IPRoyal is a world-class Google proxies provider for Google Blocks. It is trusted by TrustPilot and rated 4.4 out of 5 for its exceptional services.

The proxies are 100% real and genuine, ensuring you never get detected or blocked by any website. 

You can pick between sticky or rotating proxies offering 99.9% uptime from a global pool of IPs. When you choose datacenter proxies, you experience unlimited bandwidth, blazing speeds, and easy integration.

IPRoyal supports both HTTPS and SOCKS5 for anonymous data extraction and crawling.

iproyal best google proxy server
IPRoyal pricing plans detailed


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 195 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 2M + residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.6
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $1.75 pay as you go
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP

Pros and Cons of IPRoyal:


  • 100% genuine and ethical.
  • Blazing-fast speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • A vast pool of IPS.
  • Support for HTTPS and SOCKS5.
  • Dedicated 4G mobile proxies.


  • Speed fluctuates.

Proxy-cheap provides residential IP addresses in 127 countries. There are close to 6 million IP addresses on the proxy network. The proxy service supports the HTTP protocol and is equipped with IPv4 proxies. 

The improved residential IP addresses meet all Google proxy requirements. You may scrape vast data, do market research, and create accounts without restriction. 

The proxy provider provides rotating proxies and persistent sessions depending on your demands. The sticky session may run for up to thirty minutes.

proxy cheap homepage
proxy cheap static residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 24+ countries
  • 💛 IP number: 6.9 M + residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 3.2
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $2.99/GB residential
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Rotating Residential, Mobile, ISP

Pros & Cons of Proxy-Cheap:


  • Flexible and cheap pricing plans
  • Global location coverage
  • No monthly commitments
  • Easy to use
  • It supports IPv6 proxies as well


  • Limited geo-targeting options.

The Singapore-based proxy company has more than 10 million IP addresses. Their website displays IP addresses from 12 countries, including the United States, Germany, Russia, and Brazil. 

infatica proxy
infatica residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 3-day trial at $1.99
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: Global
  • 💛 IP number: 15 M + residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.5
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $1/GB residential
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, and Mobile

Pros & Cons of Infatica:


  • Flexible and cheap pricing plans
  • Global location coverage
  • No monthly commitments
  • Easy to use
  • It supports IPv6 proxies as well


  • Limited geo-targeting options.

Oxylabs is my top choice for Google proxies, and with its Chrome proxy extension, you can easily switch between multiple proxies with one click.

The best thing about Oxylabs Chrome extension is that it works with any proxy provider. This saves you time by helping you manage all the resources under one extension.

oxylabs google proxy server chrome extension
Oxylabs price


  • 😊 Free Trial: NA
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: 185 countries
  • 💛 IP number: 102,367,458+
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.9
  • 🏷️ Pricing: Dedicated Datacenter Proxies ($180 per month)
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential

Pros and Cons of Oxylabs:


  • Avoid IP bans and Google blocks.
  • Add an unlimited number of proxies.
  • Supports both HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies.
  • Free Chrome browser extension.
  • One-click resource management.


  • Free trial only for companies.

Soax’s IP addresses are pristine and often changed. The pool has around 8,500,000 IP addresses.

The business provides adaptable proxy packages. You may tailor the proxies to your specifications. They let you choose a nation, connection, time frame, and many threads. Residential proxies are used for SEO monitoring, Ad verification, Data scraping, and market research. These proxies are effective on Google.

Soax proxies homepage
soax residential price


  • 😊 Free Trial: 3-day
  • 🌐 Geographic coverage: Global
  • 💛 IP number: 155M residential
  • 👍 Trust Score: 4.3
  • 🏷️ Pricing: $6.6./GB residential
  • Proxy Types: Residential, Datacenter

Pros & Cons of Soax:


  • Flexible payment options.
  • Intuitive and neat dashboard.
  • High proxy connection speeds.
  • Great scraping performance.
  • Huge proxy network
  • Global location coverage.


  • Slightly expensive.

Importance of SEO Proxies

Most people use SEO proxies to circumvent limitations, but this network offers several advantages. First, it automates its processes using tools and script bots for SEO assessments. 

Do not be shocked if you get a barrier while attempting to utilize a bot on a website. Moz, Majestic, Semrush, and Ahrefs use SEO proxies to circumvent size restrictions and prevent censorship. 

Appropriate Proxies for SEO Tasks

Regarding SEO proxies, you must be cautious with your proxy types. While your rivals may not have a stringent policy on proxies and bots, Google has a zero-tolerance approach to these practices. I am sure you have experienced Google requiring visitors to utilize Captchas despite not being a proxy or bot. The worst-case situation is when a single device makes several requests in a short amount of time. To circumvent this, employ proxies that help you avoid detection and limit the number of Captchas to a minimum.

Proxies Are Effective for SEO Site Audit Tool

Another significant reason you need SEO proxies is to assure the accuracy of your website’s audit report. Typically, SEO Crawl tools such as Website Auditor, Screaming Frog, and Sitebulb assist in organizing the essential data required to create an audit report. In addition, several SEO tools rely on proxies for optimal performance.

Proxies Are for Scraping Search Engines

SEO Audits demand frequent Google crawling. Consequently, it is essential to understand your rivals’ search engine rankings. Always be aware of your regional competitor’s standing to track your growth. Google has a strict policy against bots and Captchas. Therefore, you must utilize proxies to seem to originate from a different location. Note that Google keyword recommendations also need scraping.

Proxies Research Competitors Information

If you don’t know how your rivals’ websites are doing, you may not know where to focus your efforts. To surpass your competition, you must know the origin of backlinks, outbound links, keyword categories, and how they publish material. Even though automated software can handle all of these duties for you, your rivals may find you snooping on their data.  Therefore, it is recommended to employ proxies for these activities. Additionally, it aids in exceeding the standard access boundaries.

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Google proxies provide a secure and efficient search experience, while a free proxy list may not help you scrape Google search results. They enable the scraping of massive data from search results without being restricted.

FAQs About Google Proxies

Why are Google proxies necessary for SEO?

Google proxies are essential for conducting extensive SEO activities, such as keyword research and rank tracking, without getting IP banned for excessive automated queries.

Can Google proxies help in web scraping?

Yes, they enable efficient web scraping of Google search results and other Google services by bypassing IP rate limits and blocks.

How do Google proxies ensure anonymity?

They mask your real IP address, allowing anonymous access to Google services, and protecting your privacy during data collection activities.